Hot Or Not? A Gold-Toothed Madonna Grinding On Miley Cyrus

If you were shocked by Miley Cyrus rubbing her junk all over Robin Thicke at the VMAs, just wait till you see what she’s doing with Madonna!

The 21-year-old’s first MTV Unplugged special aired to great fanfare last night, and even though she was joined on stage by a twerking horse during “4×4”, the most anticipated part of the evening was Miley’s very first performance with her idol, Madonna. The country-tinged “We Can’t Stop/Don’t Tell Me” mashup was shoddy at best, but we’ll approve of anything that gets Madonna on her 55-year-old knees, grinding her face in Miley’s midriff.

Check out some photos of the pair below and tell us, is this new look even appropriate Hot or Not?

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20140130-video-pictures-madonna-miley-cyrus-unplugged-duet-13 20140130-video-pictures-madonna-miley-cyrus-unplugged-duet-12 20140130-video-pictures-madonna-miley-cyrus-unplugged-duet-03

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  • Wingfield

    You know what would be shocking Madonna? Throw on a nice dress, stand behind the mic and prove you can actually sing. Let’s be real… That performance would have been booed off the apollo stage, x’ed off of americas got talent and BLASTED on a show like american idol or the voice!

  • DShucking

    The gold grill needs to go but I still love Madonna, no matter how often she may make me cringe.

  • Caleb in SC

    It’s nice to see Madonna passing on her “whore torch” to a younger generation.

  • Tyler100

    @Caleb in SC:

    It’s nice to see that straight men don’t have the corner on misogyny. Equality :P

  • Icebloo

    Madonna just cannot let anyone else have their own time in the spotlight. Madonna has to be the BIGGEST attention whore in the world. She is like a spoiled 5 year old child. She cannot survive without constant attention and assurance. How depressing.

  • HirsuteOne

    It’s Madonna, so I haven’t been shocked since my buddies and I sneaked the Sex book out of its wrapper in a mall bookstore back in ’92, but seriously that grill. Looks like thosw candy Billy Bob Teeth sold in the Dollar Store. With her money, that grill should look a helluva lot better.

  • jimbryant

    Madonna, Rihanna, Miley…no-talent attention-addicts whose girl-girl acts titillate straight guys who think gay guys should be shot.

    Such nice female allies…not.

  • MK Ultra

    Put the grill away, Madonna.
    It’s so awkward.

  • jimbryant

    What Madonna’s girl-girl act does is feed into the sense of entitlement of straight guys. It’s not designed to help the gay community.

  • Stefano

    @jimbryant : your are right on this.

  • Dixie Rect

    It’s not hot. Its tragic and sad. Madonna is the new Mae West.

  • Fitz

    @Dixie Rect: exactly. Instead of clinging to the 22 year old crowd, and looking stupid, it would be smart and powerful for her to show comfort with her age.

  • Fitz

    And PS: Miley needs to start brushing her tongue. Nothing hot about bad hygiene.

  • Spike

    Clearly Madonna didn’t learn anything from doing that Sex book.

    Still so desperate for attention.

  • balehead

    More proof that Gays were always the biggest bullies in school…

  • Niall

    More like desperate or not desperate. She should learn to grow old gracefully. She doesn’t have to be drab or dowdy or roll over and die just because she’s 50, but she also doesn’t need to try soo hard to be “cool”

  • Stache1

    @Fitz: Well, she did for a while with Guy Richie. I think she’s making up for lost time.

  • Stache1

    @balehead: Most of the comments I see are spot on. Please explain the bully part?

  • MrKev

    Madonna has ruined whatever legacy she once had; she now is just a sad, desperate joke thanks her antics over the last 5 years: wearing grillz at 55, dating guys not much older than her first daughter, using the n-word trying to sound hip using slang young people use, desperately trying to latch onto whoever is the latest “it” artist at the moment…nobody even thinks about her music anymore.

  • jimbryant

    Since when was Madonna actually mature? I mean, this is the same woman who had a hit with a song called Like A Virgin. Do you expect such a title to be associated with maturity? Puh-lease.

    Because gay men lack male role models, they turn to suck the tits of women like Madonna and Britney. It’s a shameless and shameful spectacle.

  • Cobalt Blue

    These two have ” cheap ” wrote in their faces.

  • OrchidIslander

    I enjoyed it and got a bit aroused towards the end when Miley was humping on Madonna’s backside. They looked like they were having fun. Glad I missed out on the snide, superior and somewhat bitchy gay gene.

  • frankiefrancisco

    Let’s not forget that Madonna is a corporation of sorts. She’s a brand. Attention, headlines, controversy all equals more money. I’d say she’s addicted to making money. Remember the song More from the Dick Tracy Soundtrack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT9srpwdnNg
    She just wants MORE $$$

  • LadywithaLamp

    OMGoddess. Rodeo clowns just got a new look, I bet THAT will distract the bulls.

  • krystalkleer

    it’s a great pair’n PERIOD!

  • DzamanDzan

    Two words: FREAKY FRIDAY

  • ouragannyc

    It’s time Madonna retires before it’s too late!

  • Uppity

    I just hope that Madonna can find some peace with getting older. So far it has eluded her. Kind of interesting how many people think it’s ok for her to grind up against Miley. If it was Steven Tyler and Selena Gomez there’d be a furore. Or Billy Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Or Elton John and Justin Beiber. Why would that be do you think?

  • LadywithaLamp

    @Uppity: It’s a crone & maiden thing, probably some Kabbalistic rite, passing of the flame or something. Nah they were just being creepy and gross.

  • Matt G

    Madonna is a legend at this point, I’m sure Miley was happy having such a huge name give her props. Madonna gets to leech off of Miley’s success because she paved the path for Miley Cyrus to exist. Maybe Miley will be not just a singer/entertainer but a fierce executrix like Madge.

    I’ve never seen so many people spew so much vile hatred at two people having fun and doing something they enjoy and have a talent for. No one is forcing you to consume any of this

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