Hot Or Not? Joe Manganiello’s Clean-Shaven Face

joe-manganiello-600x450 (1)-thumb-550x412-78225Anyone still denying the fact that a beard enhances a man’s sex appeal by tenfold should really take a look at Joe Manganiello‘s clean-shaven face.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor debuted his fresh new face at the 10th Annual Style Awards in New York on Wednesday, where he probably could have slipped in unnoticed now that he looks like a completely different person.

We’re not exactly saying he looks bad sans scruff, but you have to admit the beard did wonders for his face. There’s still no explanation for the missing beard, but perhaps it could have something to do with the approaching final season of True Blood?

In 2010, shortly after he landed the role of TB‘s Alcide, Manganiello told Vulture that the beard was part of his character. “I read the books, and this is how the character was described in the books,” he said. “When I showed up I wanted to be as close to that mark as possible.”

This might be the end of Joe Manganiello’s beard, but at least we’ll still have his abs.

[Photo via Pajiba]