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This hot, tatted up trans weightlifter’s motto: “Just be unapologetically you!”

Meet Elliot Dean. He’s a CrossFit fanatic, a yoga and spinning aficionado, and an Olympic weightlifter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oh, and he’s also trans.

“I came out as transgender in December 2013,” 33-year-old Dean tells Outsports. “I immediately told everyone because I have nothing to hide about being transgender.”

“I told my parents and all of my closest friends face to face. I wrote an email to the rest of my family and then shared a post on Facebook to let people I didn’t see often know what I was up to.”

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Almost everyone was supportive, with the exception of Dean’s mother. But, he says, “one person out of a lot of people isn’t a bad deal. I was fortunate to transition with an incredible support system.”

Dean had top surgery in March 2014 and started taking testosterone in May 2014, all the while he did Crossfit, which eventually led him to Olympic weightlifting.

“I have been extremely lucky in my transition,” he says. “I have never had a difficult experience with people being negative. I work for a company that allows me to frequent different studios – CrossFit gyms, spin studios, yoga studios, etc. Before I transitioned I made a lot of bonds with many people in those fields. When I transitioned everyone was super supportive and incredibly happy for me.”

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Dean says it’s encouraging to see so many other trans athletes–Chris Mosier, Fallon Fox, and Kye Allums to name a few–being more open and sharing their stories.

“It doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation is when it comes to sports,” he says. “If you are good at what you do and put in the effort, that is all that matters. People recognize hard work.”

“Just be unapologetically you.”

Check out some shots from Dean’s Instagram page…

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h/t: Outsports