Hot TV Dads From The ’90s Who Totally Made Us Realize We’re Gay

With the 1990s comeback in full swing, countless blog posts and articles have been written about the TV teen heartthrobs from the decade. Mark Paul Gosselaar. Luke Perry. James van der Beek. Mario Lopez. Many gay men who grew up in the ’90s have credited these guys for awakening their inner homosexuals. But what about all the hot TV dads from back then? We think they deserve a little credit, too.

Scroll down to see some of the hunky TV patriarchs from the ’90s who totally helped to turn us gay…


Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny

He was sexy, charismatic, and a successful Broadway producer. He lived in a mansion and always looked great in a tux. Although he was stern, he was also sensitive. He was stubborn, but could always be won over. Oh, and he had an accent. Need we say more?


John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on Full House

Have mercy! Okay, okay, so technically John Stamos played an uncle not a dad, but that’s beside the point. Anyone who says they didn’t want to run their fingers through Uncle Jesse’s mullet while riding through the streets of San Francisco on the back of his motorcycle is lying. 


Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert on Step by Step

He may have worn an alarming number denim shirts paired with white tennis shoes, but Frank Lambert more than made up for his lack of fashion sense with his dashing smile, tan skin, and salt-and-pepper hair. On top of that, he was an entrepreneur and ran a successful contracting company. Of course, this kept him busy. But he always managed to find time for his family.


John Wesley Shipp as Mitch Leery on Dawson’s Creek

While teenage girls were arguing over who was cuter, Dawson or Pacey, our hearts belonged to Mitch Leery, Dawson’s hunky dad. The man was a total stud muffin, always busting out of his oxford shirts, which he kept unbuttoned just far enough to give us a peek at his super sexy chest. His deep dimples and big, brown eyes sent us into a tailspin every Tuesday at 8/9 central until his untimely demise in season 5 when he dropped an ice cream cone in his lap while driving, swerved off the road, and died. That was truly devastating.


Alan Thicke as Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains

Dr. Seaver. He was good-looking. He was practical. He was a careful listener. And, as a stay-at-home psychiatrist, he always gave great advice. In short, he was the perfect pop. Which is why it’s so bizarre that his fictional son grew up to be a total homophobe and his real one became kind of a misogynist. But whatever. He was still cute.


James Eckhouse as Jim Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210

Sure, he might have been a bit dorky, didn’t have the best sense of fashion, and his hairline was receding, but Brandon and Brenda’s dad on Beverly Hills, 90210 was still weirdly — well — hot. He sort of reminded us of a pervert you might catch frantically masturbating in a public bathroom or engaging in some other wildly inappropriate but secretly sexy behavior. He made us want to do filthy things.


Tony Danza as Tony Micelli on Who’s The Boss?

Tony Micelli. The Italian stallion with a heart of gold. His jet black hair and eyes, as well as his adorable Brooklyn accent, were perhaps his most charming features. Paired with the fact that he loved his daughter so much he gave up his professional baseball career for her, and Tony was, well, pretty much perfect. Oh, and let’s not forget his impeccable biceps.


Chris Meloni as Elliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU

The world changed on September 20, 1999 when Detective Elliot Stabler first graced television screens across America. The sexy father of five worked for the NYPD. He was tough as nails, he had a tattoo, and he closed every case. Now that’s a man you know you can depend on.

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    Tony damn! Hope I’m not peeving over some teaparty twat. I always get him mixed up with Scott Baio and also another one.

    No love for beardy Sex God Greg Evigan from My Two Dads?! C”mon queerty that title alone earned him a place. Yes it ended in 1990 but had endless repititions throughout the 90s, much like my blurry fist as I watched. Oh and he was in BJ nd the Bear Yeah, you heard right. BJ and the mutherfuckin’ BEAR!!! Helloooo!


    *perving not peeving

  • BeachGuy2014

    Chris Meloni, nuff said :-D

  • masc4masc

    Definitely Tony Danza, he’s still holding up pretty good too. There was also something really hot about Stephen Collins as Reverend Eric Camden. He looks old now, but he had a classic 80’s gay porn look back in the 90’s.

  • masc4masc

    inb4 the ‘not diverse enough’ posts.

  • gaymaniac

    Meloni for me

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I would have included Joe Lando who played Byron Sully on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.
    That long hair and the ruggedly handsome looks, oh my!

  • vive

    You have your 80s mixed up with your 90s. Hope the same isn’t happening when you do your laundry.

  • cformusic

    uncle jesse was the shit..too bad john stamos opened his mouth and ruined those fantasies

  • Sweet Boy

    A threesome with James Eckhouse and Chris Meloni….pure heaven

    I never found Uncle Jesse hot…long hair doesn´t do anything for me

  • Stache99

    @vive: Yeah, I’d say almost half are from the 80’s.

  • Dxley

    LOL. For three seconds I thought the second one was a woman.

  • jwrappaport

    “Mister Sheffield!”

    • Stache99

      I just remember Tony Danza’s hot cuban ass in those tight blue jeans.

  • Lefty

    I wonder if there was any truth in the John Wesley Shipp/James Van Der Beek rumors going round at the time. They even said that was why Mitch was killed off, which seems more than a little far-fetched, so I always assumed it was bull…

  • Lefty

    I loved Dawson’s Creek.

  • uruz422

    Totally remember a scene where Alan Thicke had no shirt on and spending the WHOLE time focusing on his hairy chest. Yum!


    Stamos wasn’t a dad, but I’ve loved him since General Hospital.

  • michael mellor

    My hottest dad was from the 60’s. He is Guy Williams. When I saw him in his tight space-suit in Lost in Space, it made my Ovaltine boil. I knew then that I had to have a daddy like that.

  • ppp111


    Honestly, I think the 70s and 80s had hotter daddies than the 90s but that’s just me. Not implying that guys from the 90s didn’t do it for me but when you had hunks like Tom Selleck from the 80s, Jim Palmer from the late 70s, Robert Conrad and Mike Henry from the 60s, they’re a hard act to follow.

  • tdh1980

    I thought I was the only one who found James Eckhouse to be surprisingly sexy.

  • vive

    Since the above includes the 80s, I spilled many a virgin load for Lee Majors (6 Million dollar Man), Paul Glaser (Starsky from Starsky and Hutch) with his deliciously obscene tight jeans, Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) when he was lean, and Tom Selleck when he was lean.

    To the horny teenager I was then all I had to go on was the occasional hairy chest and hot-looking package. Porn was so far off the radar I don’t think I was even aware of the existence of it.

  • ppp111


    Thank you! Thank you! I forgot about Lee Majors and Gil Gerard. I guess you and I are of that generation that saw how men were allowed to have body hair but still have a physique. I’ve noticed that trend continued until the late 90s before men started manscaping. I think it’s a shame because a nice cropping of hair, especially on the chest, makes a man sexier. Ah well.

  • Sweet Boy

    @ppp111: I remember watching Gil Gerard dancing shirtless with Princess Whoever… he was a teddy bear

    @Dxley: I never bought that lesbian look either…Uncle Joey was hot though…

  • TVC 15

    Chris Meloni doing ANYTHING is hot.

  • vive

    @Sweet Boy, that was princess Ardala :) She always had these evil plots to get him in bed where she would tie him up or control his mind or whatnot so she could run her fingers through his chest hair. So obviously I loved every episode with her in it, little pervert that I was.

  • vive

    @ppp111, well, it looks like body hair is making somewhat of a comeback, yoohoo!

  • vive

    B.t.w., not to forget Bruce Boxleitner from The Scarecrow and Mrs King, or Bruce Willis from his Moonlighting days.

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