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Hot Twin Alert: Just how much do you know about Chris and Josh Zatopek?

UPDATE: Since originally posting this story, commenter “bsaucy00” has pointed out that the Zatopeks are two “deeply Christian Trump supporters.” Indeed, Chris’s Twitter account is packed with scripture, and a retweet of Donald Trump‘s Christmas card. So… awkward?

We’ll leave it up to you if you’d still like to objectify them in light of this new development.

Sexy male twin models: what makes them tick?

Uh, we have no idea, but you may want to ask The Zatopek Twins.

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Beyond the ivory brows and tousled hair, there’s so little we know about Josh and Chris.

But some amateur Internet sleuthing led us to discover their sister Angela is one of their biggest fans.

So… there’s that.

Based in Houston, Josh and Chris were recently featured in a fashion spread for Houston CityBook.

An ambitious editorial assistant describes the scene thusly:

As dawn’s first light washes over the nearby ranch lands of Washington, Texas, Houston’s next top models – twins Josh and Chris Zatopek – find their inner cowboys, in fashion inspired by Americana and the rugged spirit of the frontier.

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Photographed by Julie Sofer, the twins stand around and smolder, swathed in looks by Givency, Valentino, Louis Vitton, Prada — designers the men of Texas simply die for.

Have a look: 


For more head over to Houston City Book.

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