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Hot Waiter Tells All About Working At Tallywackers, The Male Hooters

One of these men could be Gabe...
One of these men could be “Gabe”

Tallywackers is a euphemism for “penis” and an all-male version of Hooters conveniently located in a Dallas gayborhood, and the website Narratively has scored with an in-depth profile on one of their slabs of guy candy that’s sure to pique your interest.

It’s called Secret Life of a Sexy Waiter At The All-Male Answer To Hooters, and while it’s not quite as salacious as it sounds, it’s definitely worth a read. The profile follows former track star Gabe, who works his arms and legs in a tank top and short shorts to support himself and his kid.

Though Tallywackers was originally meant for women, it’s increasingly more popular with the gay male set, and for Gabe sometimes the line between “restaurant” and “strip club” can be a bit blurred:

Soft-spoken and articulate, Gabe has a sweet positivity, an endearing innocence that’s both genuine and profitable. Customers respond to his boy-next-door appeal, but his life as a sex object can be complicated at times, especially because in-house rules for customer contact in the new venue are still evolving. While hugging patrons is permitted, as is close contact for photos – “We want them to feel like they’re family,” Gabe says – drunk patrons have, at times, become a little “handsy.” A few customers have been removed after groping waiters. “We’re still at a restaurant,” Gabe says in his aw-shucks manner, “not a dance club.”

It wasn’t too long before he had to “come out” to his family about his new gig:

Gabe was excited to get the job, but he worried about how he was going to explain the fine line between “sexy waiter” and “male stripper” to his parents. His father was already disappointed that he was waiting tables instead of going to college and pursuing running, which he’d been doing since elementary school.

“I avoided telling them for the whole first month,” Gabe says. “I just told them I was going to the chiropractor.”

It wasn’t long, however, before his mother, browsing Facebook one day, came upon a picture of her son, shirtless and in boxer briefs, posing with smiling patrons at Tallywackers.

That night, she confronted him.

“She was like, ‘What are those pictures? Were you at a party, or a club or something?’ She hoped I was just showing off.” He did his best to explain his new gig and assure her that it was legit.

It’s a great read, and makes us want a Tallywackers here in NYC! Check the rest of the article out here. We’re pretty sure “Gabe” is an alias and there are no pics of him in the article, but feel free to visualize some smokin’ Latino hotness in short shorts slinging a foot-long and fries.