Hotel Manager Sentenced To Six Years For Raping Student During Fake Job Interview

3084bbaA luxury hotel worker in Westminster was sentenced to six years in the slammer for raping a college student during an interview he apparently concocted in order to take advantage of the victim.

39-year-old Sebastian Szerer (pictured) was a manager in the housekeeping department at the famed Reubens Hotel, which overlooks Buckingham Palace. In April 2012, he invited the 24-year-old victim to the hotel.

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During the interview, he offered the victim a tour of the hotel. He took him up to the Queen’s Suite, a popular room for celebrity guests. After locking the door, he told the victim to check out the bed. According to prosecutors, Szerer then pushed him onto the mattress, unbuttoned his trousers, and forced the man to perform oral sex on him.

The court heard how Szerer apparently used his full body weight to pin the victim down. The young man said the attack left him feeling “distraught, shaken up, absolutely petrified.”

The attack went unreported for an entire year until Szerer sent the victim a message on SCRUFF that read, “Hello stranger.” That’s when the younger man decided to contact authorities.

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Initially, Szerer denied everything, saying that he wasn’t gay and that he had never used the app SCRUFF before. When that excuse didn’t work, he tried telling police that actually it was the other way around and that he was the one who had been raped by the victim.

This week, the court found Szerer guilty of one count of rape. He was sentenced to six years behind bars.

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