Legal Fail

House GOP Finally Gives Up On Defending DOMA In Court

Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican leadership have announced they will no longer defend anti-marriage statutes in court. The admission that they’ve were handed their heads on a platter by the Supreme Court came in a court filing involving a case about veterans’ benefits statutes that ban recognition of same-sex couples’ marriages.

[T]he House has determined, in light of the Supreme Court’s opinion in Windsor, that it no longer will defend that statute,” lawyers for the House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), controlled by House Republicans, wrote. BLAG has been mucking around in a handful of cases, defending sections of the Defense of Marriage Act. The group was responding to a request from the judge in this case to give “any reason” why the couple in question, Maj. Shannon McLaughlin, a judge advocate general in Massachusetts Army National Guard, and her wife, Casey, weren’t entitled to full benefits as a result of the Supreme Court ruling.

When contacted by Buzzfeed for comment, House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman said the “speaks for itself.”

Indeed, it cries “Uncle!”


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  • Cam

    So they are now admitting the just wasted millions of dollars.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    And millions of votes.

  • Joetx

    So the party with the reputation of fiscal responsibility, given to them by the mainstream media, wasted millions of dollars just to make their base of hateful ignoramuses feel good about themselves?

  • ZeeZee

    It costs a lot of money to hate and show hate.

  • JT Hawkins

    @Cam: Yes, millions of taxpayer’s dollars, which the GOP acts like they guard so cautiously.

  • Harley

    Now, If only the repugnant-clans would join the rest of us in the 21st century…..

  • BJ McFrisky

    Isn’t this a victory, that they’ve dropped the argument? Why all the cattiness? It seems to me that people are cherry-picking their enemies, especially when virtually every black church in the country objects to gay marriage, and not all Republicans are against it. But: Haters are gonna hate, no matter what you do to appease them. It’s in their genes (either that, or it’s in their Handbook of Proper Liberal Outrage).

  • Deepdow

    @BJ McFrisky:

    Why would you define these commenters as being catty? They are merely pointing out facts and stating the obvious. Yes, it’s great that the GOP has done this but it doesn’t at all begin to heal or rectify the total polarization and hate they stirred up in the last decade.

  • erasure25

    @BJ McFrisky: Yes but “black churches” can do whatever they want in line with the First Amendment. Congress on the other hand, particularly the GOP controlled House claims to be all about reducing government spending but here they clearly wasted millions defending an unconstitutional law and they could not even come up with one reason as to why same sex couples should be denied benefits. Why did they waste all of OUR tax money when they don’t even have a single reason to justify their position? That’s the problem here. This has nothing to do with black churches…

  • taniya

    Isn’t this a glory, in which they’ve decreased this disagreement? The reason why each of the cattiness? It seems like in my experience that folks tend to be cherry-picking their enemies, especially when virtually every dark chapel near you physical objects to be able to gay and lesbian matrimony, but not just about all Republicans tend to be versus that. However: Haters tend to be planning to dislike, regardless of you do to be able to appease these people. It’s into their genetics (either in which, or perhaps it’s into their Handbook connected with Right Liberal Outrage).

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