House Republicans Make Hilarious Stab At Repealing Obamacare

In one of their first displays of how big their dicks are, House Republicans today repealed the health care bill passed by the last Congress and signed by President Obama. The language of the bill, titled “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act,” which was approved by a vote of 245-to-189 with unanimous GOP support, included an introduction that read “Make all of the following go away:,” followed by a cut-and-paste of the Obamacare bill, and concluded with simply, “BWHAHAHAHA.” What’s the point of going through all the effort if the Senate is just going to ignore you? Stalling the $900 billion bill from taking effect.

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  • Kieran

    Trillions for BOMBS and WAR! Zilch for American citizens looking for affordable healthcare.

    What an absolute disgrace for a country that was once thought to be the greatest in the world.

  • Obfuscation station...

    No agenda, just like Huffpo, kos or Drudge, and what exactly is gay-relevant in this story? Who in the world is just finding out about this story from Queerty’s pithy take on it? I mean, God help you if this is your primary news source.

    Everyone, save yourself some time, go to:

    Click on the “follow gay news” button, and you’ve instantly replaced queerty!

    Anyway, I’m done, good bye and good luck…

  • CJ

    I agree with the above. I’m getting tired of Queerty pulling in news stories that may be popular here – but have little to do with LGBT news. I don’t come here to read stories that I can get on mainstream sites. I come here to read interesting stories (or news) on LGBT topics.

  • James Bunch

    So instead of having the freedom of speech and of the press, Queerty has to obey your dictates about what it is allowed to publish – so long as it remains nothing more than a gay celeb gossip sight that doesn’t talk about anything at all that isn’t “gay?”

    I assure you, healthcare and whatever this Republican House does is “gay” in that it has an effect on everyone gay and/or straight. Grow up. Go to Youporn if all you want is pictures of shirtless guys – you’ll get even more “bang” for your “buck” – so to speak.

  • reason

    Health Care is as important to this community as any other, and a disproportion amount of our tax dollars are actually funding the GOP’s waste of time. They are spending millions of dollars to repeal a law that has no chance of being repealed as red meat to their base. So much for fiscal conservatism. They also know darn well that the majority of the bill can not be de-funded, most of the health care bill requires mandatory spending not spending that has to get approved or can be slashed with the GOP’s numbers. They are stringing along the clowns on the right and trying to deceive some independents into thinking that they can actually do something. The only thing that is likely to happen is stripping out the mandate, and they might as well cut to the chase and do what can be done and move on to important things like creating a better atmosphere for continued job growth. The funny thing is the repeal of the mandate will actually turn the insurance companies on the GOP and put people with pre-existing conditions at risk, the bulk of the country happens to support extending insurance to people with pre-existing conditions putting the GOP on a collision course. The poll numbers are shifting the ground under the GOP faster than a speeding bullet, typical America whines to high heaven about stuff in the end they end up wanting. America wants this health care reform and as the lies are being proven wrong the GOP will be in a politically untenable position. A large part of their base, poor white southerners, will be clutching to the health care with both paws while blowing hot air out their mouths. Its like a three year old crying about how they don’t want steak, suddenly when it is in their mouth they will bite you hand off if you attempt to get it back. Cantankerous fools. It is no secret that the poor southern states have the worst health care records. Thats my morning rant.

  • whatever

    gays don’t need health care? news to me.

  • Joe in Decatur, GA

    Hey, Nos. 2 & 3, don’t click on stories you don’t want to read…

  • One of the CA 36,000

    @Obfuscation station…: Keep clicking, douchebag, I’m sure you’ll find a Davy Wavey video to pique your interest. Or maybe another goddamn article about how we’re supposed to all love “Glee”….

    Health insurance reform is VERY important to the LGBTQ community. Not just for the poz community– but for ALL of us. We have to know what it is employers and the government will try to deny us due to our sexual orientation, after all.

  • stab

    the next stabbing is the fault of this “author”

  • Soupy

    Republican America: Where universal access to healthcare is socialism, but universal access to guns is patriotism.-chris sacca

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