Houston Judge Tells Gay Dad He Can Never Leave Kids With His Husband

After his divorce from his wife, Houston resident William Flowers went to court to get legal custody of his son and two daughters. But the jury decided against him and Judge Charley E. Prine Jr. tacked on an additional requirement that Flowers never leave his three biological children alone with his legally married husband Jim Evans or anyone who not related by blood or adoption unless Flowers’ ex-wife gives her permission—something he doubts she will ever give.

Though the courts usually impose this sort of restriction on a parent when abuse has been alleged, no such claim has been made in this case. Flowers and Evans claim that Judge Prine simply added the requirement for his own homophobic joy—they plan to appeal his decision. But in the meanwhile the court has basically said that Evans cannot be trusted alone Flowers’ kids, even though Evans has two of his own.

Following Judge Prine’s ruling to its logical end, Prine would rather Flowers leave his children at home unsupervised than leave them with a non-relative. If Flowers has to work on the weekend, “Bye kids! Enjoy your Saturday completely alone. Try not to get injured or watch Cinemax!” If one of the kids has to stay home sick from school, “Sorry kid. The Pepto is in the bathroom and the throw-up bucket is under the sink… good luck!”

Basically the Judge has made it where Flowers either has to stay shackled to his kids until they’re 18, quit his job and become a full-time stay-at-home dad, or abandon his children just to fulfill the court mandate.

That’s Texas justice for ya, cowboys and cowgirls.

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