Houston Mayor Annise Parker Won’t Let a Little Thing Like Men Wearing Pumps to Work Get Them Fired

So much for not becoming a rabid homosexual activist mayor! Annise Parker, the lesbian mayor of Houston, has signed a “sweeping” protection ordinance protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender state employees “that is possibly the most comprehensive in the nation.”

State agencies may not take into account “appearance, dress, mannerisms, speech patterns, and other social interactions” when deciding who to “hire, recruit, appoint, promote or train any individual” or “to discipline, demote, transfer, lay off, fail to recall or terminate.”

C’mon, Pastor Joel Osteen, we’re waiting for your response — or has Parker won you over with her real estate dealings?

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  • Space Jesus

    Guess it is time to move to Houston!

  • Stephen

    And many people treat Texas like everyone’s a neanderthal. Look as us now!

  • Sean

    This story needs a correction though. The Mayor of Houston has no authority over state employees or state agencies. The order affects only people working for the *city* of Houston, not the whole state of Texas.

  • Chris

    @Sean: It’s Queerty, details fall to the way side. However, they include the necessary links so it’s okay.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Just like the New York Times with their woefully unwarranted attacks on His Holiness, she’s clearly a minion of Satan. Cue the brimstone descending onto Houston.

    ** removing tongue from cheek now **

    Now, if she can just get some influence over those pesky textbooks. This is a welcomed milestone on a beautiful Easter Sunday!

  • Alexander A.

    That’s… actually a really smart piece of legislation. You better werk, Miss Mayor!

  • bee

    refering to transwomen as “men in pumps” is a good way to trans-bash. way to go.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    Are we really that sensitive? Were there eggshells across the Queerty’s threshold? You know, they really should put up one of those watch your step signs.

  • Sam

    Rock on, Ms. Mayor! This is almost enough to make me want to move to Houston. Almost.

  • Miguel

    @bee: The rabidly militant trans act is really tired and completely unwarranted. The law prevents agencies from using “dress” when hiring or firing – that would protect transvestites – men who wear pumps. It would also protect transgender employees. Or “protect” as much as any of these legislative acts can, anyway. Symbolically, Eddie Izzard is just as protected as a trans person.

    Lashing out without any rhyme or reason doesn’t help your cause.

  • Tommy

    Since this covers transvestites and not just transitioning TSs, I can’t imagine how it would work if someone really wanted to test it. Like if a hulking 6 ft. man with a full beard and mustache walks into his job as a receptionist for IBM wearing a frilly dress and earrings, the company has no right to say that this isn’t what they want at the front desk?

    Once again, by following the trans nutjobs off a cliff, we are opening ourselves up to counterattacks that can threaten gay rights.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 11 · Tommy

    I’m sure there are some T nutjobs out there, just like there are L,G & B nutjobs – we all have our loonies.

    But you seem to be saying we should marginalize the “T” for the benefit of the L,G & B, which is a self-centered and foolish argument history has seen many times before.

    And why does the opposition drift into outlandish hyperbole to make their point (gay marriage leads to man/horse marriage, yada yada)?

    And how would you know if IBM fired that alleged bearded man because he wore a frilly dress and earings? Maybe the real reason was he had the bad taste to wear earrings which clashed horribly with his frilly dress, causing the staff great discomfort and thus he had to go.

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