Houston Voice Silenced

Window Media has just announced it will be shutting down publication of it’s Lone Star fag-rag, The Houston Voice.

The ten-year old publishing empire bought the weekly back in 1998 and continued publishing it as such until a few months ago, when they moved to a monthly format. Rising costs and falling sales, we’re sure, had something to do with the transformation,, but apparently it didn’t stick. Editor and Publisher reports:

Window Media has published the last issue of Houston Voice, and will soon take down its Web site, a spokesperson for the largest U.S. gay newspaper chain confirmed Wednesday.

[The] folding was first reported by Press Pass Q, the online newsletter published by Rivendell Media and Q Syndicate. The newsletter said the decision to discontinue publication was “based, in part, on declining ad sales.” The Window spokesperson said there were “a myriad of reasons” the paper was folded.