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Houston’s Pastors Scared of This Dyke Lady Who Wants to Be Mayor


Don’t you hate it when all the old white men take over politics? Oh, wait. But, we can understand why religious zealots in Houston are fearful the political scene there is about to be overtaken by the enemy: Homosexuals are everywhere!

From mayoral hopeful Annise Parker to two gays running for City Council, Houston’s City Hall is practically a bathhouse! Which is why group like the Houston Area Pastor Council are campaigning against these folks, because they don’t want a “gay takeover.”

“The bottom line is that we didn’t pick the battle, she did, when she made her agenda and sexual preference a central part of her campaign,” says HAPC’s exec director Dave Welch. “National gay and lesbian activists see this as a historic opportunity. The reality is that’s because they’re promoting an agenda which we believe to be contrary to the concerns of the community and destructive to the family.”

This is funny, because Parker has worked diligently to distance herself from being identified as “the gay candidate.” Hell, she said she has no plans in overturning a 2001 city charter amendment that bans gay city employees from receiving benefits. Sounds like she’s just the sort of candidate this pastoral group would want.