How America’s Bigots Taught Uganda’s Faith Leaders to Threaten Pro-Gay Lawmakers


At this point, it appears it’s a matter of “when,” not “if” Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill will pass. And it will do so under a very American strategy: Threaten to oust lawmakers who vote against the bill.

American certainly didn’t invent the “threaten lawmakers with ultimatums” approach. But as we’ve seen in New York, that’s exactly what’s happening with gay marriage supporters — and in New Jersey, that’s exactly what’s happening with gay marriage opponents. In Uganda, meanwhile, religious leaders are leading the charge against any legislator who dares cast a vote for protecting civil rights. CNN:

The Rev. Esau Omara, a senior church leader, said over the weekend that any lawmaker opposing the bill will pay for it during the next election, according to local newspaper reports.

How lovely. And you can see where they’re taking their cues from.

But at least in the United States, when religious leaders and their PAC affiliates threaten to end the careers of pro-gay lawmakers, there’s a news media there to call them out on their bullshit.

In Uganda, though, the newspapers aren’t just carrying the anti-gay message; they’re participating in it.

Several media outlets also have inflamed sentiments in recent months by publicly pointing out gays and lesbians.

In April, the Observer newspaper published tips to help readers spot homosexuals. And over the summer, the Red Pepper tabloid outed 45 gays and lesbians.