Rallying Points

How Angie Zapata’s Murder Is Bringing Gay & Transgender People Together

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It’s difficult to think there’s anything positive about Angie Zapata’s murder. A young transgender girl was savagely beaten to death. It’s horrific. But in the aftermath, after we shoot down the “blame the victim” arguments, might we see our community grow stronger?

It’s possible. Angie puts another face on transgender folks, which even among the queer community sometimes operate as second-class.

In an interview on TruTV, transgender reporter Autumn Sandeen and gay Sirius host Michelangelo Signorile reveal how relations between Gs, Ls, and Bs and now the Ts can grow stronger from here on out. Even gay folks don’t necessarily identify with transgender people, but it’s the type of harassment, torment, and anti-gay violence and murder that Angie’s death represent that provide at least one common link.

[PageOneQ via WB]

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