playing dirty

How Annise Parker’s Houston Mayoral Opponent Is Dogging Her With Anti-Gay Attacks


Ah, so now we know why Gene Locke — the Houston mayoral opponent of lesbian Annise Parker — is having such a hard time deciding whether to accept the endorsement of a homohpobe: Because Locke is the guy behind the anti-gay mailer attack on Parker.


Not to be confused with this anti-gay flyer campaign, the above effort, from Houston’s conservative “kingmaker” Dr. Steven Hotze’s PAC — Conservative Republicans of Harris County — was helped along by a $20,000 donation from Locke’s campaign finance chairman Ned Holmes, and $20,000 from finance committee member James Dannenbaum. That’s according to a Texas Ethics Commission investigation.

Dirty politics, Southern style.

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  • GimmeABreak

    He might want to actually learn how to spell bankruptcy.

  • FakeName

    And space the graphics so it doesn’t look like the elephant is about to take a dump through the hole in the organization’s name.

  • Brian

    LOL @ the above comment

  • JMacPrime

    I live in Houston and have been disgusted by Locke’s behavior. The mailer shown doesn’t mention that Locke is a Democrat (supposedly) and tried to get the endorsement of the Houston Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus himself.

    As in the November election, I’m voting for Annise Parker not because she’s openly gay, but because she’s the most qualified candidate — and one who wouldn’t sink to the level Locke has reached with his desperation to grab the office for himself.

  • KyleR

    I love how what they have a the second bullet under Annie’s side. Why not just bput it as this:

    THE EVIL GAYS!! Their after your children!!!

    I wonder who is really back that Republican, or are they still preffering GOP now b/c of Bush?


    Despite the hate campaign and idiot staffers running the Locke campaign here in Houston, Annise Parker is going to be our next mayor

  • AlwaysGay

    VOTE FOR ANNISE PARKER. Get every Houstonian you know to vote for her as well. She is the best choice for the city.

  • HellIsWaiting

    I voted for Annise Parker. Damn the haters to hell.

  • walt

    Team Annise!

  • romeo

    Congratulations to Annise for being elected mayor of America’s fourth largest city. And by a comfortable margin, too. And it’s in Texas (WTF?)

    Yaaaaay Annise.

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