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How Are Michigan High Schoolers Dealing With Their New Gender-Neutral Prom? (Terribly)

I only believe that would happen because of pressure from the ‘minority’ group that desires it. I have no bias against transgender, homosexual or all alike, but I do not believe that we should be changing the precedence of the male-female court on account of someone ‘not getting their way’ or feeling ‘discriminated’ against.

—An unnamed student, responding to Michigan’s Mona Shores High School doing away with gender-oriented prom “king” and “queen” in the aftermath of denying trans student Oak Leigh the title of homecoming king, shows how America’s education system is really failing us: Don’t change precedence because of discrimination? Isn’t that exactly what we do change precedence for? You know, what with slavery and not letting women vote and all. [via]

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  • Qwerty

    Prom King and Queen is a joke anyways. If you’re so insecure, that you crumble without traditional gender roles, then fine. Enjoy your prom. Might be the last moment of glory you have left, before your golden years end, and you’re stuck in a dead end position, possibly at Target. Because why would anybody want anything to do with somebody that believes discrimination isn’t reason to change. Why the hell else would you change anything? Are these little brats so entitled they believe they can ostracize a member of their community, with equal rights and liberties, just because one is straight, and the other was born another way? Because that’s an elitist view about genetics, and a few steps away from racially segregated proms. The ignorance of people shocks me! Then again, prom is crap anyway, so I’m not sure who really wants to go, I guess it’s more about the feeling you aren’t welcome somewhere, or don’t have the same rights.

  • mtroy

    It’s ‘precedent,’ surely.

  • Steve

    The correct way to deal the issue would have been to simply treat him like any other male student. There is absolutely no way to make up any new rules and regulations.

  • Just Stupid

    My god, this site is stupid. One anonymous kid at a school says something with which the editor disagrees, and that provides a basis for an article asserting that “Michigan High Schoolers” are dealing “terribly” with an innovation?

    That’s just pathetic. Or, given the mostly illiterate idiom of this site, should I put that “Just? You know? Pathetic?”

  • Jake the libertarian

    I hate anything gender neutral… I’m not fucking gender neutral, I’m a guy. I don’t love gender neutral people either, I like guys. I don’t have a problem with the fact that the vast majority of guys like girls. It makes me a little different and special, so fuck all the pussy ass PC bitches. King and Queen is just fine :)

  • Zack

    If you want to know why there’s only one side portrayed here, just look where the “via” link goes. Fair and Balanced indeed…

  • Devon


    Aw, sounds like someone never got asked to the dance.

  • Jeffree

    I didn’t go to prom. Too expensive, not gay-friendly. So we rented a supercheeeeeap cheesy hotel room, cranked up the music, made nachos with the iron(!) and danced. Then we bred like rodents until check out time! Lol, best night EVER during H.s!

    So, you don’t HAVE to go to the school dance after all…..,

  • Shannon1981

    Why the hell is Faux News linked on a gay site? That explains the tone of the article. And I get the principle behind all this, and yes Oak should have gotten the Prom King title he earned, but prom is sooooo overrated. I went, wore dresses I hated and Jr. year had a miserable time and Sr. year was a bit better but nothing to write home about, really. Just something to spend too much money on.

  • TommyOC

    Gross misuse of quotation marks. Which is what you’re in high schol to learn. Which is also why your opinion doesn’t count for much.

    Can’t we teach our childrens more better?


    @Just Stupid: It’s interesting, isn’t it? The site is imbecilic, as are the majority of comments, and yet people keep coming back. I wonder how much money the site takes in. And what percentage of readers comment. I hope it is a fringe cabal of nitwits.

  • kayla

    Did this writer just compare slavery and female suffrage with being allowed to be a prom king or queen………..?

  • Francis

    Heterosexual privilege. That’s what this student is filled with. I’m special because I’m straight. Things should cater to me and celebrate me because I pair with the opposite sex. I have “no problem” with homosexuals but they are not normal and on the same level as me. And when faced with the reality there are not special and not everything has to be nor should be catered to their every whim, they cry and play victim. In these backwoods areas, heterosexuality is one of the main calling cards for these individuals, so I can understand, if not accept, why they would be offended. What they stand for and identify as is being tampered with in their eyes. And we all know how these backwoods people are resistant to change of any kind.

    Ultimately, the kids voted for Oak to be homecoming king, and so therefore that is what should happen. The school system did the right thing here. Although, definitely Kayla, comparing this to woman’s suffrage or slavery? Yeah, no dice.

  • Zzee

    Why not call them king and queen if a straight couple wins, queen and queen if a lesbian couple wins, and king and king if a gay couple wins? I don’t really see what the issue is here. Leave it up to the students’ vote and see what happens, name them accordingly.

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