How Bad Should We Feel Over the Episcopal Church Losing Anti-Gay Priests?

The Rev. Stockton Wulsin, of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, Ohio, submitted his resignation, effective Sept. 30, because the Anglican Church in the U.S. keeps accepting the gays. In a July 19 letter to his congregation, which he asked not to be made public, he says, “The Anglican Communion has been in a state of crisis for several years over the choice of the American Episcopal Church to ordain bishops living in openly homosexual relationships and to pronounce liturgical blessings on people living in same sex relationships.” Crisis solved?

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  • Rey

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

  • JT

    Eh, let them get real jobs that don’t prey on people’s weaknesses and gullibility.


    Hmmmm, I thought about it for approximately a nanosecond and pretty sure we sholdn’t feel bad at all………….

  • horus

    that’s the idea, throw the f**kheads out.
    he looks like a self hater to me.

  • Hyhybt

    I would prefer that they came around instead, but if not… their leaving is best for everybody.

  • GEW

    Why, with all that training and experience, he can start his OWN splinter group/sect/cult.

    He can show us how it’s REALLY supposed to be done boy howdy!

  • Sciurus

    The Jim Crow South “good ole boys” couldn’t accept integration any better than this man. In time he may come around, though, so maybe we should give him a chance. Some of the good ole boys finally changed their hearts. Exposure to gays culturally might do the job . . . that’s the real problem. How to do it is a huge hurdle. Many straight men’s minds have been contaminated with propaganda especially towards male/male relationships. I don’t doubt his sincerity as a minister . . . just his ability to adapt environmentally to a cultural shift that seems exponentially overwhelming to him at the personal level.

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