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How Barack Obama Is Letting Republicans Like Carly Fiorina Dog Gay Marriage

Debating sitting Democratic U.S. senator Barbara Boxer, Republican challenger Carly Fiorina relied upon none other than her opponent’s top dog — Barack Obama — to excuse her position on same-sex marriage. This is becoming quite the modus operandi for anti-gay GOPers.

“I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but also have been consistent and clear that I support civil unions for gay and lesbian couples,” Fiorina says. “The Defense of Marriage Act had broad bipartisan support. And actually, the position I’ve consistently espoused is consistent with that of our president and a vast majority of senators in the U.S. Senate.”

We’ve been here all week, seeing how some Republicans are taking advantage of the Democrats bailing on LGBTs by maneuvering into the “ally” corner. But that doesn’t mean all Republicans are — and Fiorina is an example of that class which continues to shield their pro-discrimination stances by just jock nodding the Democrat-in-Chief.