How Boy George Handles Hecklers: Throwing Drinks In Faces

Boy George, who is paying the bills by reviewing hotels for a magazine, has lost his grip on his audience — as evidenced by one woman talking through his London performance at a Meningitis Trust benefit. So he did what any reasonable ornery pop star would: threw a drink at her and asked, “Why don’t you shut the fuck up, you rude bitch.”

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  • Tommy

    Oh dear. Hope George isn’t back on the drugs. George really isn’t a bad guy. He can be very nice, but he acts out like this when he’s high.
    In the past, he broke someone nose in a club when he was high on drugs not to mention the stuff with the escort.
    For God’s sake, George lay off the coke. When will he learn?

  • Fagburn

    Good for him!

  • Tommy


    Why? Why is it so cool to be rude and behave badly. Why is that encouraged within the gay community? The woman there was a fan and paid to be there. Don’t yell at your paying fans. It’s just rude. Be glad you still have some fans left.

  • Fagburn

    She was being rude.
    She was yapping away so loud you can hear her over the music, she was asked to be quiet, she didn’t, what else should someone do next if they’re trying to perfrom on stage?
    So someone got a bit wet – big deal, it’ll dry in an hour.

  • Tommy

    Keep singing your song like a professional. Why does he have to scream profanity and throw something? George was being childish. You’re in a club. You can’t expect complete silence when you perform.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    Where to start. Firstly Qweerty Crapheads as usual misinformed! Boy George is a multi millionaire and would really never need to work a day again in his life, so get it right before you are sued again. Secondly when a singer is singing and you don’t want to listen then get the fuck out of there or you deserve all you get!

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