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How Bravo Will Reward You If You Can Sneak Your iPhone Into Andy Cohen’s Den of Iniquity

Bravo, the network for homosexuals and trashy women, is teaming up with the mobile social networking service Foursquare, which most folks know as an iPhone app that lets you “check in” at bars, restaurants and sex shops around your city, alerting your friends to where you be. (And the more often you check in at The Cock, for instance, the greater the chances of you becoming “mayor” of the venue, which supposedly could get you free stuff like 2-for-1 drinks for a free dominatrix session.) But how is the home to Real Housewives and D-List going to fit in with this mobile platform?

By letting Foursquare users “check in” at some 500 Bravo-selected (read: advertiser-friendly) destinations across the U.S. It’s unclear from this report what some of those locations might be, but we expect users to be able to pick up badges at Zarin Fabric, Kathy Griffin‘s Hollywood Hills manse (if you can at least pull up to the driveway), and whatever salons Tabatha hasn’t burned to the ground. Check in with one of the ice queen’s revamped hair stylists, and maybe you’ll get a free blow out.

The only remaining question: What will the “Andy Cohen‘s bedroom” badge look like?