How Can Jodie Foster Claim Her Pal Mel Gibson Is ‘the Most Loved Man In The Film Business’?

Mel Gibson must have some uncanny ability to turn into a Kim Kardashian clone with a talented tongue, because he’s still getting Jodie Foster to defend his bigoted ass in public. And this includes making bold, outrageous statements that even a Scientology-brainwashed operating thetan would gasp at. Like how Mel is “the most loved man in the film business.” That’s present tense. As in, still.

Having already called Mel “a true and loyal friend” and somebody she can’t “abandon” just because he is “struggling” after his racist-filled phone calls with Oksana Grigorieva emerged — and that was after, in 2006, Jodie defended him when his Jew-bashing police tirade leaked, saying he was “absolutely” not an anti-Semite — she’s now telling Extra some more crazy ass shit.

More stuff about how Mel is an “incredible and loyal friend,” and also how “he is incredibly loved by everyone that’s ever come into contact with him or works with him.” (I can scroll through IMDB and find at least 100 people I’ve never met to counter that statement.) And: “He is truly the most loved man in the film business, so, hopefully that stands for something.”

Hey Jodie? While you stand by Mel, The Gays are gonna be leaving you. Drop the dead weight and the hate-filled friend.