How Do You Prove That Your Boss Is A Lesbophobe?

Jacqueline Gill and a bunch of others all got hired as full-time teachers by North Texas’ Tarrant County College with the understanding that they would get a permanent positions after successfully completing one year of work.

During her first year, Gill accused a student of academic dishonesty and he retaliated by saying that she flirted with girls during class, a claim Gill denied. Nevertheless the college’s English Department Chair still subjected her to a lengthy diatribe about how “Texas and Tarrant County College do not like homosexuals” afterwards.

And when Gill’s year ended with high praise from colleagues, superiors, parents and teachers, the college still decided not to hire her even though it hired all the other teachers she started with.

Yesterday Lambda Legal filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the college saying that they violated the the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution by refusing to hire her because of her lesbianity. However, we’re wondering whether Lambda Legal has a litigious leg to stand on, seeing as LGBTs lack a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to protect them against such firings and a nationwide court decision declaring them as a suspect class of discriminated-against citizens.

Without those, they may have a hard time proving that the college simply breeched its contractual agreement rather discriminated against Gill just for being a lesbian.

Image republished with permission of The Dallas Voice

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