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How Can Malawi Concern Itself With Homosexuals When There Are Children’s Rights to Protect?

The role of protecting children is for everyone. I want religious leaders and civil society groups to speak on the rights of children, not a man marrying a man. Donors should stop assisting confused people [gays]. Why fight for gay rights instead of children’s rights? … I want to challenge you, if you are human, support children to go to school. If you are human, let us support our health system to reduce child mortality. If I am wrong, then I am wrong but this is Malawi.”

—African Union chairman and Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika, speaking at an African Child Day event in the nation’s capital, hopes to refocus attention on the kids, not the queers [via]

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  • Steve

    Children are important.

    Then again, children don’t go to prison for being children.

  • WiseUp

    Why can’t they cover the rights of both? Or, if they ignore wasting time persecuting homosexuals, they’ll have more time to devote to children.

  • Tallskin

    LOL what utter fucking bullshit!

    Look at this:

    “Part of the problem is that teachers are repeatedly absent from school. Students in Ghana, for example, are on average taught for just 76 days out of the 197 days in the school year.” They don’t care about their own countries’ kids, if they did the fucking teachers would turn into work!

    Fucking hypocrites.

    When president obama visited Ghana last year, he was taken to a showpiece brand new school paid for with american money. So the convoy pulls up at the school and it’s closed – none of the teachers had bothered turning into work – this was on the BBC, R4, from our own correspondent.


  • Fitz

    I don’t personally WANT all those children to survive. Not the ones who are going to grow up to be murderous to gay people.

  • afrolito

    @ Tallskin

    What does teacher absenteeism in Ghana have to do with this story or Malawi?? If the topic was about homophobia in the UK, would you take a left turn and bring up the rise in anti gay attacks in Moscow??

  • afrolito


    There are millions of your people who wish you had never even been born.

  • adman

    @afrolito Of course you only protect children until you find out they are witches, then you shun them. At such a point, you may have a “come to Jesus” moment, seeing as how your deeply significant, ahistorical, and totally contrived “ethnic identity” happens to mean you are an easily manipulated religious peon.

    Now having “come to the lord”, and since you aren’t a homosexual stain on your race, you do the right thing, and cut off the kids head. If you want the witch spirit to leave, you might eat the child’s eyeballs. Then, simply put the head of your once beloved and well protected child on a stake, and place this in the village square where your neighbors can see it. this signals that the village social crisis is now over!

    Now you’re free! you can return to your proudly chauvanistic pathological rapist of a “pastoralist” husband as one of many happy wives, waiting for his attentions and stern leadership. That’s when he’s not down at the church, giving deeply cynical sermons about how to murder your gay neighbors, while taking donations from a starving flock. that’s another ball of wax.

  • Sceth

    I agree with Fitz, and most human life on Africa seems like a waste of time indeed. Most people born on Africa are going to lead horrible lives, and be horrible people, say, to the gays. The world would be better off directing aid money to schools elsewhere, and returning to farm the forsaken continent once the space between Egypt and South Africa is bare.

  • Sceth

    Your fragile feelings may be hurt, but cut the rubbish. Who do you mean by “your people?”

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