Add A Little Dan Abrams!

How Can We Make The Gay Dumbledore Story More Ridiculous?

MSNBC’s Dan Abrams invited social conservative Robert Knight to discuss Dumbledore’s terribly over-publicized outing. Insert preemptive groan.

Knight, who heads the The Culture and Media Institute, disapproves of author JK Rowling’s decision.

It’s not good for kids, because ti forces the subject of homosexuality into an area where a lot of parents aren’t comfortable… The reason she waited until now is she already made her millions with her books.

Wait, Dumbledore’s sexuality isn’t good for kids, because it makes parents uncomfortable? We fail to see the logic.

Abrams also takes on other allegedly gay fictional characters, like Bert, Ernie and Peppermint Patty, rumor-mongering that irks Mike Rogers:

This is an absolute outrage. That Mr. Abrams would, by way of repeating rumors, indicate that Star Wars’ C3PO, Peppermint Patty, Bugs Bunny, or Bert and Ernie might be gay is outrageous. These characters have done nothing to have their private lives revealed.

It sure is! In light of Abrams disregard for Bunny and Patty’s privacy, we’re launching a campaign against him. Anyone with information on Abram’s rumored cartoon fetish should send the information our way. We’re gonna blow this thing wide open.

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