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How Can You Call Marriage Rights Rapist Frank Schubert a ‘Genuinely Nice Man’?


Is it easier for us to love America’s bigots than to rip them to shreds? The Washington Post already apologized for fawning over NOM’s “smiling bigot” Brian Brown. New York magazine produced a glowing profile of New York Archbishop and leading faith-based terror Timothy Dolan. And now the Sacramento Bee has fallen head over heels for gay marriage opponent Frank Schubert.

In a profile that ran over the weekend, the Bee notes Schubert — who, as campaign director for Stand for Marriage Maine and ProtectMarriage.com, helped mastermind the discriminatory outcomes in California and Maine — is “a genuinely nice man who is fantastic at what he does – a true believer with mad communication skills. He does feel compassion for the unfortunates in his path, but not mercy.” Does he also donate to the poor and help feed the homeless?


It’s great to hear Schubert is cordial in public. Maybe he even holds the door for people he views as second class! But hatemongers like Schubert need to be identified as such. The Bee‘s Marcos Breton, however, substitutes the reasonable branding Schubert as a bigot with this rationalization: “Schubert is so hard to beat because he embodies the deeply held intolerance for gay marriage in America. His beliefs are rooted in a Catholic faith and biblical passages condemning gay sex.”

Why does the media have such a hard time, then, identifying bigotry when they see it? Frank Schubert is the guy who, along with Jeff Flint of the firm Schubert Flint Public Affairs, is literally profiting from tearing up your marriage rights.

We understand: Journalists must remain “objective.” But no journalist would refrain from identifying the Westboro Baptist Church as racist homophobes. No journalist would divorce the name “David Duke” from “white supremacist.” So why can’t we call out endorsers of discrimination, who advocate hatred and fear, for what they are?

And we refuse to associate the phrase “genuinely nice” with hatred and its proponents. Because really, oxy moron much?

We’ll leave you, then, with this:

He also realizes that with success comes a price: That this issue obscures everything else in his thriving public affairs practice.

Being Mr. Anti-Gay Marriage could stick forever, though he hopes not.

“I hope,” he said, “that (people) will look at my body of work and not this one issue.”

(In case you want to reach the Bee‘s Breton, he lists his phone number: 916-321-1096.)