How Come Barack Obama Didn’t Invite Joe Solmonese to the White House This Pride Season?

Among the invited guests at Tuesday’s White House LGBT reception: Prom queen Constance McMillen and the executive directors of state activist organizations like Equality North Carolina and Equality Florida. Not on the guest list: the Human Rights Campaign’s Joe Solmonese or GetEQUAL’s Robin McGehee, though you can imagine why the presence of the latter activist was not requested. But what’s it say that Obama lapdog Solmonese isn’t going?

Not a whole lot.

You can read into any number of ways:

• The White House (i.e. Jim Messina) simply want to focus this year on the regional activists working to win rights state-by-state, giving “the little guys” their due without letting Solmonese overshadow them.

• Obama’s camp is purposefully spending Pride Month distancing itself from the Gay Inc. insiders it’s been accused of conspiring with in the past.

• Solmonese let the White House know ahead of time that, rather than keep his attention focused on of-the-minute domestic issues like repealing DADT, he’s got another international getaway planned and they shouldn’t bother wasting paper and stamps on inviting him.

Since I didn’t get an invite, my only question is whether Obama’s team invited Chad Griffin or anyone from the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which funded the Olson-Boies Prop 8 suit, to take part. That, or whether the Log Cabin Republicans — which is suing the federal government over DADT — will pull a Michaele Salahi and crash the event uninvited.