How Come CBS Is Suddenly Concerned What GLAAD Thinks Of Its Lacking Gay Diversity?

After getting a “failing” grade on GLAAD’s annual tally of homosexuals on television, CBS says it wants to increase the number of queers on its programs. Likely?

Nina Tassler (pictured), head of CBS’s entertainment division, told an audience of reporters at the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour, “We’re not happy with ourselves.” But, things are a’changing! “You’re going to meet Alicia’s brother in The Good Wife, a gay character. We’re also going to be adding a new character to Rules of Engagement. Jeff and Audrey’s surrogate will be a member of Jeff’s softball team, and she’s a lesbian. We’re also going to be recurring a character in “$#*! My Dad Says,” the character Tim Bagley played. He will be returning this season.”

Ah yes, Tim Bagley. The very talented go-to gay for any network sitcom.

And let’s not forget what CBS is doing in daytime: With the launch of Sara Gilbert’s The Talk, the soooo-not-a-The View-competitor will also have a big lesbian mommy on daytime. (Says Gilbert about that press release where her family wasn’t mentioned: “That came from me. CBS would have written whatever I wanted. I’ve been acting my whole life, and I’ve never really discussed my personal life. This is a talk show. so obviously I’m going to be discussing my life more and I felt that the first place that I wanted to do it wasn’t in a CBS press release. It just seemed impersonal, and I felt like I’d rather come in person and talk to you about all that stuff here [at press tour].”)

Just think: It was only January when GLAAD’s attacks on CBS over its Super Bowl advertising policy (Yes to the bigots at Focus On The Family; No to the gay dating website went absolutely nowhere.