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How Come Jarrett Barrios Can’t Get ABC to Apologize For Sherri Shepherd?


This year across its three-city charade known as the 21st GLAAD Media Awards, GLAAD nominated the television network ABC for nine awards in different categories. Of course, none of them were for its flagship daytime program The View, which GLAAD has been bitching about this week because Sherri Shepherd is a stupid. But no amount of recognition in the world is, so far, enough to get ABC to apologize for Sherr’s misleading statements, which this week include how gay black men on downlow are to blame for blacks’ HIV rates. Even GLAAD’s “Call To Action,” where “thousands of people” told ABC to apologize, doesn’t have the network jumping to say it’s sorry.

“ABC now knows that it put out dangerous and false information about HIV/AIDS on its airwaves, yet the network still refuses to take responsibility,” says GLAAD senior director Rashad Robinson in a statement. Ugh, I just hate seeing it when GLAAD’s demands of ABC are met with inaction — or is it just evidence that after GLAAD chief Jarrett Barrios’ bungled handling of the ABC-Adam Lambert-kiss saga, the network knows it doesn’t have to listen?

Or, because GLAAD has in the past accepted money from ABC, and its budget depends on contributions from the network, network brass knows it could just write a check to make this all go away?