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How Come Jarrett Barrios Can’t Get ABC to Apologize For Sherri Shepherd?


This year across its three-city charade known as the 21st GLAAD Media Awards, GLAAD nominated the television network ABC for nine awards in different categories. Of course, none of them were for its flagship daytime program The View, which GLAAD has been bitching about this week because Sherri Shepherd is a stupid. But no amount of recognition in the world is, so far, enough to get ABC to apologize for Sherr’s misleading statements, which this week include how gay black men on downlow are to blame for blacks’ HIV rates. Even GLAAD’s “Call To Action,” where “thousands of people” told ABC to apologize, doesn’t have the network jumping to say it’s sorry.

“ABC now knows that it put out dangerous and false information about HIV/AIDS on its airwaves, yet the network still refuses to take responsibility,” says GLAAD senior director Rashad Robinson in a statement. Ugh, I just hate seeing it when GLAAD’s demands of ABC are met with inaction — or is it just evidence that after GLAAD chief Jarrett Barrios’ bungled handling of the ABC-Adam Lambert-kiss saga, the network knows it doesn’t have to listen?

Or, because GLAAD has in the past accepted money from ABC, and its budget depends on contributions from the network, network brass knows it could just write a check to make this all go away?

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  • jason

    I think GLAAD is compromised. It can no longer claim to represent gay people.

    As for The View, how about a good old-fashioned protest outside of its studios? Instead of whining on the net, how about we turn up with placards? Even if we don’t get ABC to apologize, we’ll at least have embarrassed Behar, Shepherd and the other clones in this cackle-fest.

  • Bill

    @ Jason

    If I still lived in NY, I would be right their with you. I really think you should go to ABC in NY and have your signs and make a big fucking stink.

    WHen it starts making the ‘straight’ news, ABC will HAVE to address it in some way.

    You are right. GLAAD is sad. The HRC even more so. Joe Solomonese at HRC took a salary of over $450,000.00 last year.
    What else needs to be said?

    GO for it. Other New Yorkers – JOIN HIM. PLEASE.

  • josh

    We should be protesting outside of The View.

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd have a history of spreading anti-gay propaganda.

    Remember when they said that gay marriage would lead to pastors being imprisoned? Or when they said that banning gay marriage isn’t discrimination because gay people could still get into straight marriages? Or that being against gay rights isn’t hateful?

    It is long overdo that we call these people out!

    Some of you in NYC need to organize a protest.

    In the meantime, let them know how you feel (but please for the love of All, DON’T use hateful, racist, or threatening language as that would be SELF-DEFEATING….)

    ABC Contacts:

    Brad Jamison, Vice President Corporate Initiatives
    ABC Television Network
    [email protected]

    Julie Hoover, Corporate Communications Vice President
    ABC Television Network
    (212) 456-6641
    [email protected]

    Bill Geddie, Executive Producer
    ABC “The View”
    (212) 456-0910
    [email protected]

    also try

    [email protected]

  • Justin_Activist

    GLAAD is a waste of money. We are stupid to keep giving them money. They have NO purpose.

  • alan brickman

    Glaad is a bunch of sissys!!!!

  • josh

    My last comment got moderated. Weird.

  • Jason_Activist

    Barrios is just trying to use us to make money and further his political career. Plus, he gets $400,000 a year – for what?

    GLAAD is a waste of money. Please go away.

  • Truedat

    Why should Sherri have to apologize for that statement? She’s helping her own kind, black women.

    Gay black men on the downlow, cheating on their wives and girlfriends without letting them know that they are gay or at least using protection with their “secret” lovers.

    If they are honest, at least the wife will know she needs to use protection. This is not a slur towards gay men having HIV/Aids moreso than anyone else.

    If I found out my husband was cheating on me with a woman, I would still make him wear a condom and get an HIV test (if I didn’t leave him first.)

    Do some research will you? The black population has the highest incidence of HIV/Aids.

  • Tackle

    @Truedat:The black populatin has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS?? Well thats according to the CDC and their false data. I suggest you do some research about how they gather and collect stats.
    The CDC gather statistics from “government FUNDED clinics” in lower economic areas where a large percentage of Blacks and Latinos go. However the CDCs focus is to present Blacks as having the larger number of HIV/AIDS cases.

    So if these clinics are, lets say,85% so-called minority you can see who whch group will have the highest number of positve test results. And I should add, that false positives are counted as positive.Many times with these stats, only a small percentige of of people are used.59, 150,800 to count for the whole Black population.

    Like the recent CDC lie, that 48% of U.S. Black women have been exposed to the herpes virus. Well they tested 893 black women in
    the U.S. How can a sampiling of 893 black women make the determinatin about 50% of U.S. black women which number over 20 million?

    And by the way, the CDC defended the Tuskegee experiment, 1932-1972 in which 399 black men were injected with syphilis and left untreated.

    Does one really have that much fath in their stats??

  • jason

    Where I take offense with Sheri is in this notion that it’s black men who are the only cheaters and that it’s men who are the only source of transmission of VD’s. What about cheating, disease-carrying black women?

    I am sick and tired of this constant attack on men by women. It has ramifications for us gay and bi men because, after all, we fall under the “men” category. We are being demonized on the basis of our gender and, by default, on the basis of our sexual orientation.

    As for Sheri Stupid, she can take a hike.


    @josh: Queerty has some of the strangest auto flags in their moderation controls. You can say cock, prick, dick, or any other word you can substitute for your junk. But if you attempt to post the word “pen*s” (insert “i”) you get auto flagged……………

    As to Sheri (forget the factcheck)Shephard, she must be fed some kind of talking points on a regular basis and simply parrots what she is fed. Her recent comments are added to her hall of wack including the earth is flat, evolution is a fact, and many more wacked out statements with zero basis in fact…….

  • gilber

    jarrett que ricote y lindo estas

  • Ann

    @Ealan: I feel the same as Sherri Shepard, but in addition to what she is saying the message of HIV/AIDS is no longer being preached to young Black women. Black women are aware and protecting themselves, but young girls are falling in love with the wrong guys and these guys are riding raw.

    Be angry, but Sherri is right. Some homo thugs are not being honest and not caring if they kill a couple of young trusting girls in order to maintain their image and keep their secret.

  • Ann

    @Ealan: Sherri is not pointing fingers at the honest open brothers, but to the men that don’t live openly and living behind a facade of straightness.

  • Ann

    @jason: Jason, Sherri is not talking about you. Seperate yourself from the comment. This is not about open and honest homosexuals or bisexuals. The comment was directed at the hidden players.

  • Ann

    I like Sherri Shepard. She is a squirrel trying to get her nuts. You know where you stand with her. No lies. No deceit. No hidden agendas. She is out front and openly giving.

    She is a woman with opinions and some erroneous thoughts and she never pretended to be something she is not.

    People have been gunning for her from the beginning. Her job is to mispeak and be clumsy and sometimes clueless, because it pays off with the biggest laughs. Yet, there is a group of hard core people dead set against her because they feel she should appear humble and greatful for her job. As though she has to thank them personally for being allowed to sit at the table with the rest of the panel.

    What a world of judgement we live in.

  • Khadijah

    Perhaps GLADD should partner with a Black LGBT civil rights organization, say like NBJC. Just a thought.

  • Ann

    @jason: You did the same thing as Sherri, Jason. You went specifically for Black women. Isn’t the new “norm” BM/WW? Well, where is your comment regarding the white woman bringing AIDS on the downlow to the brothers? White women are some of the busiest sexually than some other races and sexes combined.

  • Kyle

    Ann: you are a HOMOPHOBIC idiot. Get off our site. Instead of te black community blaming gays for everything, maybe they should look at their unbelievable amount of DRUG USE. We gay men, who for the most part are very educated and well adjusted, don’t have anything to do with you doing crack from a drug house. That’s your own communty. Take it up with one of your preachers. Oh, but they’ll blame it on gays too. How about we expose the hypocrisy of the straight black community for once? Or would that be too un-PC?

  • Ann

    I admit Sherri is stupid, and often misinformed and it’s sad sight to see, but she’s only showcasing her own stupidity. She’s done it plenty of times before and she’ll keep doing so.

  • mike

    Let me ask? you this. Black men contract AIDS? at between 8 and 10 times the rate of white men. Why then do black women contract it at between 20 and 23 times the rate of white women? If contracting the disease is directly related to its? prevalence among? black men, then they should get AIDS at no more than 10 times the rate of white women. So why the difference?
    I’ll tell you why. A large number of black women are infected by a smaller number of black men. In the black community,? the thugs, ex-cons, players, pimps, etc. have a disproportionately large number of? black women at their disposal. Black women tend to flock to a small minority of black men and this is why they have the perception of a black male shortage. This minority of black men tend to? have a higher risk for HIV infection than the rest.

  • Ann

    @mike: Because it is all a lie. Statistics pulled from the asses of idiots.

    Such sweeping statements of generalizations. It is overwhelmingly sad to read, because the lies are believed as truths; even after they’ve been proven lies.

    It amazes me still the number of posters that are still firmly entrenched with the “statistics” that came out of the 80’s and 90’s they still quote today as proof.

  • Ann

    @Kyle: Where do I make a homophobic comment?

  • Ann

    @Ann: That Ann is not me. Sherri is most definitely not stupid. Try again and be honest. Thanks

  • Ann

    Mike Please. My child is a lesbian. Homophobic? Not.

    Downlow brothers afraid to come out are a danger to all females they use as beards.

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