How Come Nobody Can Find Wisconsinites Who Oppose Domestic Partnership Rights?

We keep hearing from regular Wisconsin folks, many of whom are signing up for the just-instated domestic partnership registry, who are simply elated to receive some marriage rights despite the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Every media report we see, there’s a new gay couple wishing to share their love story with the world, like these folks, and them, and these two. But when it comes to hearing from the other side — those opposed to giving gays any rights — the only talking heads that anyone can seem to get on the record are those from the Wisconsin Family Action, the anti-gay group that filed a lawsuit hoping to invalidate Gov. Jim Doyle’s domestic partnership effort. For all the million folks who voted for the constitutional amendment in 2006, where are they now? How come no reporter can find these people? Surely they are out there, and surely not every reporter is too lazy to find them, right? Where are local professors? Small businessmen? Local community activists who want their name and photo in the paper so history can write them down as bigots?

Maybe you guys are better researchers than we: Have you found anyone in Wisconsin besides Wisconsin Family Action — and its chief Julaine Appling, seen in the above report — who is taking to the press to buttress the anti-gay push? This is beginning to resemble the National Organization for Marriage, the most out-spoken, though entirely lonely organization that can’t even get conservative groups to join the fight.

Hell, one report even notes how, at county clerks offices, there were no protesters. Come out, come out wherever you are.