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How Come Nobody In the House Wants to Play Balls With Rep. Aaron Schock?

The ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT and single Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican, tried to get the government to stop spending “tens of millions” on highway signs, as provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Nobody would listen.

The freshman congressman who’s trying to get people to, like, pay attention to him and stuff was shot down “by a vote of 232 to 184 with little discussion.”

“It’s an insult to the intelligence of my taxpayers to suggest that they drive by a public works project and think that anyone other than they as taxpayers are paying for it,” says Schock. “Second, I would suggest to you that this is a dangerous precedent. Think if every unit of government from your school board, your township officials, your state officials, your federal government put a label on everything they were using to spend your tax dollars on – the unnecessary overhead that it creates.”

Sorry, everyone. That means no federally funded “I’M GAY” stamps.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    So, Aaron wants to put the sign makers that the govementment contracts for these signs, out of business?

    Why does Aaron hate small business?

  • CJ

    Yes, this is another example of government waste, a million dollars at a time. Obama wants to spend just $30 million more on AIDS funding. Well, let’s increase that by another $30 million or more by taking away these promotional signs. Politicians only want them so that they receive credit for something. It’s just gloating, nothing more.

  • concernedcitizen

    Okay what part of NOT OUR GAY ICON is Queerty not understand? Who cares about this closeted republican who’s working against LGBT rights! We’re not that shallow and he’s not that cute!

  • concernedcitizen

    @concernedcitizen: Though I agree more should be spent on AIDS I find your assertion problematic mainly due to it being a non sequitur, that is to say it does not follow. It overlooks a separation of powers that is a hallmark of our government. What the legislative branch (congress) and the executive branch (Obama Administration) choose to do are separate and to take them as collective actions denies the reality that often time they are not always working in unison but in opposition.

  • NAP79

    Okay, I’m getting very curious now. Is Schock really gay or is this wishful thinking on the part of Queerty and politiphiles? Is the any evidence to support this? It would be a real shame if someone with his notoriety and potential turns out to be a self-loathing closet case.

  • Baxter

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: The millions of dollars that was wasted to pay for these signs didn’t magically appear out of thin air. It came from taxing you. That was money that you could have used a hell of a lot more effectively than the government.

  • christopher di spirito

    Not every unmarried guy with a ripped body is gay.

    If Schock says he likes pussy, then I believe him. Besides, he’s a Republican and I really don’t want another gay Republican working against us.

    Until Michael Rogers “outs” Schock, then I don’t care about him.

  • Motard

    So pretty. So clueless.

    God bless his little heart.

  • SouthBaltimoreBoy


  • DR

    It’s a reasonable request, personal feelings about the guy aside. Do we need to waste money on signs? I’m just happy seeing people working, I know these stimulus packages exist…

  • Steve

    There is no need to put up signs that are plainly waste. There are plenty of needed signs that are in poor repair, damaged, or entirely missing. A project to identify and repair or replace those signs could make a lot of work for sign makers, surveyors, and highway department people.

    As a starter, I would really like to have a speed-limit sign after mile after every entrance to the interstate. A few hundred yards after the end of the merge lane would be good placement. At home, I know the speed limits. But away from home, I sometimes get onto a highway and have to drive ten or twenty miles before there is a speed limit sign.

  • AxelDC

    People need to know what their tax money is going to. According Republicans, it’s all just wasted and we should pay no taxes at all. Schock wants to make sure Americans believe this nonsense.

  • ewe

    He might get more accomplished without his clothes on.

  • Tony

    Not only does he have gay-face, but in the article pic he’s doing the “Little Monsters” hand gesture popular among Lady Gaga devotees (taken from the “Bad Romance” video).

    He wants your horror.

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