shot down

How Come Nobody In the House Wants to Play Balls With Rep. Aaron Schock?

The ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT and single Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican, tried to get the government to stop spending “tens of millions” on highway signs, as provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Nobody would listen.

The freshman congressman who’s trying to get people to, like, pay attention to him and stuff was shot down “by a vote of 232 to 184 with little discussion.”

“It’s an insult to the intelligence of my taxpayers to suggest that they drive by a public works project and think that anyone other than they as taxpayers are paying for it,” says Schock. “Second, I would suggest to you that this is a dangerous precedent. Think if every unit of government from your school board, your township officials, your state officials, your federal government put a label on everything they were using to spend your tax dollars on – the unnecessary overhead that it creates.”

Sorry, everyone. That means no federally funded “I’M GAY” stamps.