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How Come Nobody Makes Homophobic Anti-Abortion Campaigns?

Billboards in Austin, Texas, are popping up that have been banned elsewhere. How come? Because they target African-Americans in their discouragement of abortions. The clearly racist outdoor media campaign has been spotted elsewhere, including Boston and Houston, and is actually an attack on Planned Parenthood, claiming, “The most dangerous place for some children is in the womb.” The spots, from the pro-life group Heroic Media, point drivers to a website, where the claim is made Planted Parenthood wants to “stop the reproduction of the unfit,” including black babies. Which makes me wonder: When’s the last time an anti-abortion ad was created just for the gays? And while targeting gay men might be a waist of dollars (anyone willing to spend $100k just to have a kid probably isn’t going to abort it), isn’t it time pro-lifers stop discriminating against America’s lesbians and start calling on them not to ditch their “oops” babies? Can I get a HYMEN?