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How Come Republican Presidential Candidates Aren’t Showing Lindsey Graham Any Love?

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham — who is absolutely, positively not dating Ricky Martin — was hit with a new round of gay rumors this month when professional outer Mike Rogers began mumbling about releasing photos of the senator’s as-yet-unidentified male sleepover buddy. Does that explain why no potential Republican candidates are courting his favor? Generally candidate hopefuls shower cash on the veteran politics whose favor they court. And while Graham wasn’t up for re-election in 2010, only Sarah Palin threw cash his way (one thousand large), although she threw more (five K each) to new South Carolina Reps. Mick Mulvaney and Tim Scott. Suffice to say, otherwise Graham’s phone has most definitely not been ringing off the hook.

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    Oh my! Miss Lindsey Graham must have her panties all bunched up really, really tight over this story……………..

    Good for that miserable vile self hating douchefag…….She consantly votes for anti-Gay legislation. And if Miss Helen Keller herself ever met Miss Lindsey Grahm am sure she would sign what a big ‘mo she is………….

  • Daez

    There really is no excuse for Lindsay if he is gay, but if someone that has evidence of his gayness, and has already lured constant others, what exactly is stopping him from providing this “evidence.” if everyone with “gay face” truly was gay, there would be absolutely no metrosexual movement.

  • bobito

    He ain’t gay, as far as I’m concerned. Gay is something you earn by standing up and saying “this is who I am”. Self-loathing girly men who think they can convince people they have heterosexual inclinations by denouncing the so-called ‘gay agenda’ aren’t gay, they’re just pathetic and obvious. The only thing more pathetic would have to be his ‘male sleepover buddy’, assuming one exists – unless of course he’s a rent boy, in which case I sure hope he’s getting paid a hell of a lot of money, because I mean, eew, gross!

  • reason

    I think that the presidential hopefuls are staying away from Lindsey becuase he is despised by conservatives and the tea party. They also can’t stand that he is cordial with the administration behind closed doors. Lindsey is lucky that he will not be on the ballot in 2012, don’t think he could survive.

    If someone had proof of a Lindsey Graham escapade with another man they should have released it before DADT got repealed. He would have been the one homosexual that I would have been overjoyed to watch get booted out of the military. Now Col. Graham is safe from the cruelty that he subjected so many others to.


    @Daez: I know we love to toss the Gay face tag here in Queertyland. But with Graham it is so much more………. I don’t know if you ever saw an interview with Miss Graham. She is much more than a moldy old Gay face. Her mannerisms, inflections, body movements and ever other aspect of her being would put here so very at home at a piano bar filled with old queens singing show tunes. (please don’t take that as a slam on old queens singing show tunes at a piano bar, I have spent many a slightly inebriated nights in the company of same and had an absolute great time……..)

    There is simply not an iota of hetrosexuality emitted from Graham……….

  • reason

    Come to think of it there is still time before the service chiefs sign off and the sixty days elapse. Wouldn’t that be the perfect little bow on Sen. Graham’s career… discharged under DADT.

    Dreams, I doubt anyone has any substantial evidence that Lindsey is gay/bi, or has acted on such tendencies.

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