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How Come Ted Olson Is Sucking Up All the Love? What About David Boies?

For all the talk about Perry, most of the lauding gets directed to plaintiff’s attorney Ted Olson, because he’s this big conservative who backing the gay marriage fight, and what’s sexier and cuter than that? Well his co-counsel David Boies has been doing the progressive law thing for decades, so where are his accolades?

While Olson was busy penning “Conservative Case for Gay Marriage” for Newsweek, Boies was getting his own favorable writeup in the news weekly, wherein we learn this pair of legal experts were made for each other. How does that song go: Olson and Boies, sittin’ in a tree, D-I-R-E-C-T E-X-A-M-I-N-I-N-G …

Both he and Olson each day navigate small physical limitations. Olson is colorblind and Boies is dyslexic, admitting he is not great at names and “numbers still reverse.”

Screw the Equal Protection Clause; we’ve got the Americans With Disabilities Act on full display right here!

And besides, Boies was once a conservative too! He headed up his college’s the Young Republicans club in the 60s. And, in true Perry fashion, ditched that political party during the civil rights era, realizing he “was on the wrong side.” And now, he’s on the right one.

(Photo: David Yellan)