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How Come You Can’t Find Any Ex-Gay Books In Your Local Library?


Normally we hear about gay haters trying to yank books like And Tango Makes Three out of public libraries. But now Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) is trying to insert a whole new class of books onto shelves: their own.

Still high off their new legal recognition, PFOX is calling on libraries to include works like You Don’t Have to Be Gay and A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality — which the group says aren’t being stocked because ex-gays are being discriminated against! (A Parent’s Guide is currently No. 37 in Amazon’s “Parenting & Families – Parenting – Teenagers” category.)

While public and school libraries may carry books with a, ahem, positive slant on homosexuality, there isn’t much of a “Hey, you can ditch the gay lifestyle” selection. Then again, leading medical groups and the American Psychological Association are in agreement: Changing your sexuality is impossible, and the only possible reason to counsel anyone to give up their same-sex feelings is so they can be in line with their religious beliefs.

So why stock books that are based in disinformation and heretical declarations? The best argument we could come up with: Because the Self-Help section is basically that already.

But hey, if ex-gays get their books stocked, make sure they’re positioned next to Creationism theory and, well, Sarah Palin’s new one.

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