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How Come You Homos Stopped Hitting on Zach Galifianakis At The Gay Bars?

“There’s a bar around here that I used to go to, Roosterfish. It’s a gay bar,” Zach Galifianakis tells the LAT of the Venice Beach bar while promoting Date Night. “I used to go because I liked to get hit on, even though I’m a straight guy. And now it never happens anymore! I mean, because of me gaining 25 pounds? Really frustrating.”

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  • LOrion

    Well, DUH!!

  • ron

    Maybe it’s because he’s bizarre, unfunny, wierd, disgusting, over-rated. Not because he’s grossly over-weight.

  • Fred V

    Smiling at a guy doesn’t require a weight limit, though… I *WOULD* hit that!

  • fizzydrink

    @Fred V: Ew. You would?

  • Daez

    For all of you shallow self obsessed queens that won’t even talk to someone if they are more than 10 pounds overweight, all I have to say is thank you for not wasting my time with your shallow self obsessed drama.

  • ron

    @Fred V: You’d need a flea bath afterward…..

  • ron

    @Daez: It’s not the weight. It’s that he looks like a homeless bum.

  • fizzydrink

    @Daez: Yeah, totally not weight here. I don’t really care about weight as long as it’s within the healthy range. Zach G. is just crude and yucky.

  • Kent

    1. It’s a joke. That’s how he makes them.

    2. Full disclosure: I find him funny and attractive.

    3. Be less sensitive.

  • bobby

    damn, i live in the area and would totally hit on him if i seen him at the rooserfish

  • Hutch

    i suspect you mean “Due Date” and not “Date Night.”

  • Ian

    @fizzydrink: What’s a “healthy range”? 1.5% body fat to get into the door of circuit parties?

    @Daez: X2!

  • Ian

    Duh Zach, word got out that your a str8-tease that never goes home with anybody!

  • Fred V

    @fizzydrink: What’s the “Ew” for? I assume your 17th birthday has come and gone.

  • Ogre Magi

    @ron: He and that little bulldog of his are hilarious in “Due Date”

  • Zell

    Because he’s an ugly cow?

  • fizzydrink

    @Fred V:

    Sure has, by about 17 years. But I do take care of myself, get lots of antioxidants, no alcohol, etc.

    Anyway that’s not the point. The point is that Zach actually makes a living out of being hard on the eyes. (See the jockstrap scene in Bachelor as an example.) He wears possibly the least flattering hairstyle available and projects the personality of tree bark. All part of the showbiz persona, perhaps. But which part do you find sexually appealing?

  • Cam

    He reminds me of what happened with Jim Carey and Will Ferrell, i.e. he made one or two movies, got some attention and now he’s going to become way overexposed.

  • fizzydrink


    No way, 1.5% is unhealthy IMHO as only steroid abusers get that low. Also, wouldn’t waste my time on a circuit party. Rather meet someone in a library or a hiking group.

    Healthy weight is a pretty broad range. Physicians can tell you what that range is; for me, if a guy’s at 20% fat, that’s fine with me. Much higher than that, one really should try to lose the excess – it’s a terrible energy sink and it increases the risk of all sorts of illnesses.

  • alan brickman

    He’s such a jerk!! Don’t worry he’ll insult gays soon enough to prove he’s a man…since he’s overweight…

  • scott ny'er

    who the hell is this guy?

  • JustWatching

    Don’t know who this guy is, but I’d guess it’s because of the dorky beard (which guys usually grow to hide a receding chin).

  • Daveny

    Funny how people don’t like it when they make fun of gays but they easily throw out the insults to others. I’m guessing the ones who don’t like him are the ones that hit the gym 7 days a week followed by the week of botox injections and then chase it with some steroids ,coke,crystal meth but yeah they are the ones who say who is hot and who it not. No Thanks! They can keep their nasty selves to each other.

  • testington

    I like and have dated bigger men (though I avoid “bears” because they are as cliquey and conformist as twinks or “jocks”) but after having read a few interviews with Zach I must say he comes across as a pretensious, self impressed duche.

  • netman

    I’m not as worried about the weight thing as that he frequents a gay bar to get ‘hit on’ and still professes to be ‘straight’. Most truly straight guys don’t go looking for gay admiration. Maybe you should look at your soul more than your weight, Zachy.

  • rickh710

    People over 30 still spend their time hanging out in gay bars?

  • jarvisbearcub

    Sounds like he should move next to the Faultline.

    He’s super hot as a bear. Different strokes for different folks. End of story.


  • Hal Shipman

    Well, it takes all types and he’s had some moments when it’s incredibly cute. Some when he’s not so.

    But I think the more likely issue that he’s not getting hit on now is not the weight. It’s that a LOT more people now know who he is. He’s not just a random guy at the bar – he’s recognizable.

    Which adds enough new x-factors to the mix to skew things. Like a) they know he’s straight b) they’re intimidated c) he’s >looking< to get recognized (which I've seen in action from minor celebs and, boy, turn-off). Who knows? But I doubt it's the weight. It's not like he was a model before.

    That said, yeah, I'd do him.

  • demonyc

    is roosterfish a bear bar? if not, then he may be clueless or bragging through complaining.

    is he too scared to go to a bear bar? maybe he knows at a bear bar he’ll be totally molested, abraded, chafed, rubbed, disrobed partially, and licked. the test is for him to go to a bear run and maybe a bear sex party. if he’s left alone there then we bears need immediate eye tests.

  • JoeyO'H

    Zach, come to the Bike Stop in Philadelphia, I’ll hit on your hairy ass!

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