How Come Your Congressman Didn’t Much Laugh At Stephen Colbert’s Cornpacking Joke?

Why, I’ve been wondering aloud to anyone who will listen, did Stephen Colbert’s Congressional testimony yesterday — about food and such — bomb so bad? Is it because Colbert has lost his charm? (No.) Is it because he didn’t have a studio audience to laugh at his jokes? (Yes.) Is it because elected officials don’t have a sense of humor? (Likely.) And then there was Colbert trying to get everybody to laugh at how the word “cornpacker,” which came up a lot, is a way to refer to “gay Iowans.” You can see some cringing in the faces of the folks seated behind Colbert, but nobody else was really laughing.

Which is probably for the best, because if any lawmakers were caught on tape giggling at Colbert’s joke, we would be screaming about how they were anti-gay or some shit.