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How Did All of NYC’s Proposed Condom Designs Wind Up Referring to Dudes Pounding Each Other?

We’ve used stolen ingested enjoyed the NYC Condom for years. The NYC Department of Health started the campaign on Valentine’s Day 2007, placing free Lifestyles condom in a stylish wrapper to get New York’s sluts, and governors, to safely do the deed. But after three years of one-night stands, the NYC Condom is parting with it’s old design and looking to hook-up with one of five new designers. You can vote on your favorite design now. But no matter who ends up on top, the new look promises to deliver some snickers before slipping your Valentine some sexual chocolate.


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  • pogobock

    This is all Obama’s fault.

  • romeo

    I voted for the top hat. The others were too dirty, either figuratively or literally. LOL

  • HiredGoons

    @romeo: I kind of like the Top Hat too! I don’t get the brown/orange Mac ‘ON’ icon though.

  • romeo

    That was the one I thought was the dirtiest. LOL

  • scott ny'er

    i dig ’em all. very creative.

    i voted for the many colored condoms. I like the feel of it. the subway one was a little much. The manhole looks cool but the double meaning again too much. the top hat does have a nice elegance to it but i don’t gravitate towards it. The on button, well, i must admit, I didn’t get it. But once explained to me, that would be my 2nd choice. More current. Nice colors. and the 2nd meaning is subtle.

  • romeo

    I thought about the colored condom one too, but something about it sort of looks like a disease chart.

  • Brian NJ

    I like the inspired top hat. I picture a gay dandy in 1923 with a silk red scarf sizing up sailors.

  • timmmeeeyyy

    Am I missing something? With the exception of the manhole design, how are they “referring to dudes pounding each other”?

  • schlukitz

    How about a Vlassic Pickle as a symbol for the use of a condom.

    Always crisp, juicy and crunchy.

  • Michael W.

    I like the grittiness of the manhole cover. Reminds me of the Saw franchise. And Leigh Whannell, the producer and co-star of the first (and only good) one, is a hottie.



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