How Did Derrick Martin’s Parents Celebrate His Gay Prom Win? By Kicking Him Out

Eighteen-year-old Georgian Derrick Martin, a senior at Bleckley County High School, just got the okay to bring his boyfriend to his high school’s prom. And thanks to all you people celebrating his victory in the press, his parents swiftly kicked him out of the house. He’s staying with a friend.

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  • terrwill

    Blood boiling, rage building…………………..will check back in a few………..

  • mdthom

    So much for parental love.

  • Charles

    It’s never too soon to plan for your beloved parent’s eventual nursing home needs. In Derrick’s case, I would look into the cheapest, dirtiest, darkest and coldest ghetto nursing home that money can buy.

  • Mike L.

    @Charles: All I have to say is Shady Pines.

  • scott ny'er

    @Charles: Who you kidding? His parents will outlive him and all of us. They’ll be highly successful and go golfing around the world. They’ll also eventually die, but it’ll be a peaceful death. Only the good die young or suffer.

  • REBELComx

    I’m with Terrwill on this one… blood boiling.
    There is no curse in elvish, entish or the tongues of men for this treachery.
    Was he not out to his parents before all this? We need more info!

  • AlwaysGay

    Very unfortunate. When you come out you have to prepare for the worst like being kicked out of your house, losing your job and physical violence. Before I came out I packed all my stuff up and found places I could stay if I was kicked out. I hope he can get into college and get a degree. Getting an education is very important. I know of a guy who went to community college and then transferred to Princeton University after two years. It can happen. Maybe someone can set up a college fund for him.

  • fredo777

    Fuck his parents.

  • echop

    does anyone know a way we can reach out to this brave young man and get him some support? Those parents are vile people and Derrick needs to know that there is wonderful support within the gay community.

  • Jason

    Actual statement by Parents in Georgianese.

    Bless your heart son; we love you and we would like to give you some time away from home to reflect on your life and that of Jesus; we know you understand”.

    You pervert; how could you you bring such shame and dis-honor to our good family name. You will change your ways or you will have nothing to with this family ever again. How dare you?

    My southern heritage is shameful at times and this is just another one of those incidents to add to that list.

  • The Artist

    People tend to forget that kids eventually become adults. Let’s see if the guy looks back when they (his parents) are poopin on themselves.

  • Cam

    Typical Southern B.S. The kid came out when he was a sophmore. But suddenly the parents care because people have found out. The small southern town is all about the back biting and whispering. Well Parents, hope you’re happy, he’s probably going to get a shit load of attention, college scholarship, he’ll leave, be sucessful and a few years from now you’ll probably be coming around asking him to borrow some money.

  • Jerry Priori

    Why is it the problem always comes down to Jesus? Why isn’t it enough that xianity be false; why must it also be vile and contemptuous?

  • AndrewW

    He doesn’t need his parents, if he has us. We are probably a much better family.

    The LGBT Community should focus on providing support for young people who are rejected by parents. We should also focus on providing support to LGBT seniors who are forced “back into the closet” at retirement.

  • terrwill

    As some of you may know its very rare that I am at a loss for words. This one caused that when I first read this thread. Well I have composed myself and I can not fathom how the fcuk you a set of parents can look at two choices: Here is my son, my flesh and blood whom I have raised. He looks to be an intelligent normal kid. Whom I should love and embrace. And my other choice is to adhere to the hatefull dogma perpetuated by hatefull, vile, subhuman scumbags from churches who are filled with kiddie diddlers, and most of them are what they preach against (Gay). And you decide to abide by the hatefull rhetoric spat out of the vile mouths of those bastards and cast out your own son?????? How do you reconcile this with any sense of family??

    The only comforting factor is that because of the notoritery of this case, one can be guaranteed that Derrick will not wind up on the streets peddling his cock for money to live by. And while none of them will admit it, his “parents” will be looked on as the vile beings that they really are.

    Is this the “traditional family values” the rightwing bands about as the example we should live by?

  • Carlyloo

    I believe he already has a college scholarship. However, that likely will not cover all of his needs and usually means campus houseing that you cannot stay in year round. If people do know of organizations that might be able to help him fill in the gaps I think he may need it for a while. We need to help young people like this be able to support themselves so they never have to ask their “parents” for so much as a signature. I am a college professor and my house has become known as the “halfway house for wayward queers” by many of my students because I have had to provide temporary houseing for so many.

  • Chitown Kev


    Terrwill, I wondered if as painful as this must be for Derrick, whether this would be for the best, quite honestly.

    If, as Cam says, the parents already knew than I can truly imagine the hell that the kid has been going through in that home.


  • Sammie

    I read on another blog that he was an honour student, and also had a full scholarship to a university in this fall, he is after all a senior. So he will have a place to stay in the fall….

    but we all can remember when we were 18, and even the best students fall after tragedy or even just the end of high school, and then end up doing horribly their first year in university. so hopefully, his friends and relatives who still love him keep reminding him that they love him. I hope he gets through this.

    This makes me so angry.

  • kevinvancouver

    DISGUSTING! People like that should not be allowed to bring another human being into the world. Stitch her up and slice his off !

  • terrwill

    @Chitown Kev: You are correct my friend. As I had stated regarding the case of Constance and our successful Lesbian sisters came to her aid. I am hoping that some of the Gay community open their wallets to Derrick to insure that he can succeed in college and never need to look back at the vile, disgusting pigs who have not the slightest comprehension of the word “family”…….

  • Cam

    Is there a link to help this kid out?

  • jonny

    Sad really. Seems the parents took a whole “Fine you’re a homo but don’t tell anyone” approach.

    Let’s have their pics posted all over the web and shame the hell out of them.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I’d also like to know if there’s a way to help this kid out. If this story is true, and I don’t doubt that it is, it has me just furious. But I think most of us also know how typical this scenario is, despite the ground we’ve gained over time. Then many of us get branded as perverse when the adults we’ve become want to help the kids that we were. Hang in there, kid.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    He’s better off without them. This may sound harsh, but it is a lesson I had to learn early on. Family can be your worst enemy. I just hope he can find happiness.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Eminent Victorian: Uhm, you have no reason to doubt that it is.

  • Hyhybt

    @Jason: Is that *really* an actual quote (which I cannot find anywhere, but that doesn’t mean much) or did you make it up? I ask because it sounds much more likely that they were ignoring the “problem” until it became news.

    Either way, throwing him out is shameful.

  • Lane

    Unfortunately a lot of parents who seem okay with your sexuality as long as you don’t tell anyone. I had an argument over my facebook saying that I was atheists. To quote my father “You don’t let people know gay or atheist”. My father has not seen the inside of a church since he was a child unless it was a wedding or a funeral. My mother is slightly more religious in that she goes to church with her sisters when they are in town. My response was anyone who knows me already knows those kinds of things about me. I would not be friends with anyone who was homophobic, racists, or wanted to tell me I was going to Hell for not being religious.

  • terrwill

    ‘Nother thing that makes ones blood boil is the headline once you click the link is “Gay-rights backers reach out to Bleckley senior” then buried near the end of the article is “But because of the media attention, Martin’s parents have kicked him out and the teen is staying with a friend, he said” The way the article was written just seemed icky. Instead of calling out the “parents”, they make sure the “Gay rights” (horrible pedophiles who only want to diddle Derrick) persons are “reaching out” (reaching into his pants)……Just a pathetic sad story……….

  • BenLayvey

    This is why our counselor advises gay kids to not come out to parents until they move out or at least let them finish paying their college tuition first before they lay it on them. By then, they would have had no disciplinary tools to punish them. The parents’ choice then will be to accept them or risk losing ALL contact with their kids! I find it a good plan actually. Until the rules change, we must take advantage of their patronage until we can afford our independent lives.

  • Tallest

    This sucks. I get what he’s dealing with kinda. I know my parents would kick me out if I went to prom with a guy. Hope he does ok.

  • ronald cathers

    To Derrick :

    I think what you’re parent did was sad, having been through something similar I can understand how you must be feeling. But know that you have something better a community that cares what happens to you. All you have to do let people know , were all in it together. I know you will be OK down the road ,I wish you the best.

  • Eminent Victorian

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I think maybe you misunderstood me. I wrote, “I don’t doubt that it is.”

  • Disgusted American

    …while I feel sad/enraged/empathy/sympathy and numerous other things for this kid…I can not relate as my folks NEVER ever had a problem with me being gay,comin out in 1980,and my sister in 82 (2 of us out of 8 kids) never even phased my folks…they love us all equally….I guess it helped too that they were NOT Brainwashed Religious wackjobs either….my family are mostly ALL X-catholics…and basically non-practicing..and dad was Never religious. I will donate to his cause when Info is provided where to send it.

  • David in Houston

    @Jason: Where was that quote posted?

  • salty73

    Those parents are disgusting! You have a brave young man standing up for himself. Though I’m not a parent but, is that not what you want out of your child? Being able to think for your self I thought was a quality you would want to instill in your children. Those fuckers will be sorry when it is time to go into a nursing home. Hell sound like a nice place for them.

  • Hyhybt

    @salty73: I wouldn’ wish a bad nursing home on *anybody.*

    Though I confess not minding so much if that sort of person (and a few others) consistently wound up in regular nursing homes and everybody else just suddenly dropped dead five minutes before needing one.

  • Spikemark

    I get so disheartened and disgusted when I hear these stories. I found him on Facebook and sent him words of support and encouragement. I wish I could help him more.

  • soul_erosion

    Someone should sit down with these parents and make them watch Prayers For Bobby so they would have some idea what decisions like theirs can lead to. Such shame should be leveled on them by their church and their God.

  • suzygoo

    The reporter for the story is named Julie Hubbard and her email is:[email protected]

    Send her an email asking how we can all help or to donate. My sister kicked me out when I was sixteen and rather then rage all about what an injustice, lets send an email to Julie and ask her how we can donate and where.

  • terrwill


    Prayers for Bobby: Excellent idea, Kleenex stock went through the roof when that one aired!

    Shame on them by their church?: maybe not so much. In some of these churches their decision would be applauded with a standing O from the inbred scum who infest some of those “god like” congregations.

    Again, can someone please explain how you can look your 18 year old son in the eyes and tell him to get out and that he is no longer welcome in his family’s home????
    How does ones soul turn so rancid and vile that you can kowdown and accept some hateful vile, dogma that has been tossed on you??
    That you can basicaly rip the heart out of your own flesh and blood???

  • Ricky

    the difference between him and Constance: She has the court system to get her voice heard… while the court sytem can’t really do much to help him with his parents.

  • B

    No. 8 · fredo777 wrote, “Fuck his parents.” Don’t do that literally (they might enjoy it) – if this kid is young enough to be covered, charge his parents with child neglect/endangerment, and hopefully send them to jail.

    No. 39 · soul_erosion wrote, “Such shame should be leveled on them by their church and their God.” Unfortunately, their church would probably support them. Their God (assuming existence for the sake of argument), allegedly sent his son as an earthly spokesperson saying, “Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do unto me,” meaning they’re going to face one pissed off Jesus on “judgment day.” Run that one by them – you don’t have to believe the Bible to know that these people are terrified of what might happen to them and it is the one argument that might counter their homophobia.

  • julie

    I’m from Cochran. He was kicked out because of his stupidity and lies, not b/c of his lifestyle. They have known that for a couple of years now. He is not just some innocent boy caught in this media-he contacted the media to try to stir something up. The school DID NOT give him any problems about wanting to take his date to the prom. He just wants his 2 seconds of fame, at the embarrassment of his family!

  • Patricia

    why would you put “shame” them? are you against homosexuality???

  • Lucius vorenus

    Julie, you are an idiot. There is nothing to be ashamed of. His family should be proud that he is young, smart, handsome, out of the closet, and that he has a boyfriend.

  • Dasher

    The good news is that an increasing number of parents are becoming more understanding. I know this 15-year-old boy whose parents let his boyfriend stay over, and sleep with him in his bedroom. His 17-year-old sister is unhappy, because the parents won’t let her boyfriend sleep over.

    I also have heard that in some high schools, the girls are frustrated, because all the good-looking boys are gay, and most of the straight boys are using fleshlights.

    It is also good news that Derrick’s high school let him bring his boyfriend to the prom. Even in Georgia. Now that is progress.

  • soul_erosion

    My friends in Atlanta told me that Derrick was interviewed on their channel 11 News this evening but the video is not yet up on their website, And NO.44 Patricia, if your post was directed at me what I meant was that I would think it very un-Christian of Derrick’s parents to throw someone out of their home who they have nurtured for 18 years. Shame on them.

  • Ricky

    @Julie, I’m assuming you are a friend of the family… or a member of the family. To know why he was kicked out of his house, it would certainly seem as such. Yet, I’m willing to bet that you are not even associated with this family and that, there is even the chance that you aren’t even from Cochran. It is easy to say so, though. No shit, I am writing this from Tibet! honest to God! I mean… how are you going to prove otherwise.

    AND… SHAME on you miss thang for thinking this is a justifiable reason to kick your child out of your home. But… more than likely, you will be in his parents shoes at some point… as usually those who are most biggoted and closed minded tend to find themselves faced with an uncomfortable “comming out” situation. (Either through a child… or… GASP, themselves!)

  • B

    No. 43 · julie wrote, “I’m from Cochran. He was kicked out because of his stupidity and lies, not b/c of his lifestyle. They have known that for a couple of years now. He is not just some innocent boy caught in this media-he contacted the media to try to stir something up. The school DID NOT give him any problems about wanting to take his date to the prom. He just wants his 2 seconds of fame, at the embarrassment of his family!”

    Exactly what did he do that could embarrass his family? And what “lies” are you talking about? Stupidity would seem to be in the eye of the beholder in this case, but nothing reported in the press could in any way justify kicking the kid out while still in high school.

    It’s completely plausible that the principle would not initially approve his request – maybe the principle wanted to check school policy first or maybe the principle changed his/her mind after seeing what fools those morons in Mississippi made of themselves. I can see how a “not approved pending further review” would be turned into a “no” in the press. But even if he did exaggerate or misunderstand, that is hardly grounds for throwing the kid out the door.

    My guess is that the only “embarrassment” is due to everyone in town finding out that he’s gay. If his parents kicked him out of the family for that, they are beneath contempt. As far as I’m concerned, they belong in prison if that is in fact the situation.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Shorter Julie: “We are okay with our queers as long as they stay in the closet about it. Now, shut up you stupid PC fags.”

    Lord, as a black guy, I thought I had gotten beyond hearing this. And, yes, I used to hear the “we have no problem with blacks so long as …” enough in the 80s down South.

    The nice thing about it is that it oddly represents progress that bigotry now feels it must put a polite face on it.

    How did Julie randomly find this site?

  • Ricky

    Yay! Apparently someone thinks I’m a jerk! WoooHoooo!!!!

  • terrwill

    @D’oh, The Magnificent:

    “How did Julie randomly find this site?” There are many visitors here on Queerts who suddenly mystriously appear to defend those who spew their poo at the Gays. As soon as there is a thread on the moron church you will suddenly it seems like half the posters have “found religon” and feel the need to defend them and their vicious hateful ways. Same when a thread about Maggot Gallagher appears suddenly NOM has its defenders.

    Julie: Derrick who as you put it: “was kicked out because of his stupidity and lies” A kid who approaches the school officials and gets permission to bring his boyfriend to the prom dosen’t seem the type who is stupid and lies……………Were you perhaps refering to yourself???

  • Bill Perdue

    Lots of LGBT youth are tossed out before they’re 18 and denied an education or a decent job. Some end up on the streets, victimized as unwilling sex workers. A few survive.

    Other GLBT youth are sentenced to years of psychological and physical torture in christian ‘reeducation’ camps to force them back into the closet.

    The greatest scandal of our movement it that our legal groups don’t have major programs to emancipate and protect GLBT youth and that our centers, although they try, lack the facilities to house, feed and educate most of them and to get them jobs.

    Of course it’d doesn’t help taht we’re mired in the Clinton-Bush-Obama recession/depression, that real unemployment is just a hair under 17%, a level not seen since the Great Depression, and that the Democrats and Republicans are making draconian cuts in social services while gifting the bloated rich with trillions of our tax dollars as bailouts.

  • Hyhybt

    @terrwill: It’s not that odd, or even (necessarily) sinister. You’re interested in something that’s making the news, do a search, and a link to a Queerty article pops up, you read it, you read the comments, and you add your own. The fact that you don’t have to register to post makes it even easier.

  • Stephen

    I’m a gay high schooler in Georgia… and i would never even consider bringing my boyfriend to prom. Georgia is just too hostile toward gay couples.

  • Mob Mentality

    So Julie, is it Julie Hernandez or Julie Collins?

    More importantly, you’re making quite a lot of claims without any backing, verification, or even explanation…

    Want to clear anything up?

  • terrwill

    @Hyhybt: Agreed, howeva sometimes think there is definatley some cyberGPS going on, not just random persons cyberstrollin over to Queerty Street………

    Like a certain Utah based church attempted to purchase banner ads here and were voted down. When there are threads featuring it there suddenly are lots of latter day queerty posters………..

  • ewe

    He is better off without them.

  • Brian

    OMG! What an outrage! I hope he becomes rich and successful and gives them NOTHING

  • Bussy

    Jeez don’t y’all sleep?

    The fact is this kind of stories happen every week. Sometimes u just have to understand and accept that most parents consider gay kids as a disgusting curse to be removed.
    It sucks that his parents kicked him out. I hope he finds friends to help.

  • Mob Mentality

    Queerty should censor the PayPal link, its probably a scam

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Hyhybt: Actually, I know for a fact based on news reports during the lead up to Prop 8 reporting that many conservative groups do troll sites like this to post comments to shape public opinion. Whether they would do it for something as minor as this is questionable. But, there are paid bloggers who solely has it as their function to respond on sites such as this to advocate the position of various groups. I event recently saw an add for such a position. It was not gay rights. Another topic of public policy. But, part of the job description was to monitor blogs that write on the subject, and to leave comments that would advocate the organizations stated position on the topic.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Bussy: Your post clocks in at 459 AM and you are talking about other people’s sleeping habits? And then attacking others for caring? Odd.

  • SugNight

    The paypal link is for real. I emailed the news reporter, offered to pay for his limo and/or dinner. She forwarded my email to him and he responded to me directly, providing that paypal link.

  • ousslander

    I thank the gods that my mom who was raised catholic and still prefers a latin mass, accepted and loved me for who I am.

    I hope the paypal link is real, as I hope to donate.

  • Jason

    Sorry for the mis-direction. That was my seemingly poor attempt at putting some humor into a very disgusting situation created by some very bad parents.

  • Ricky2


    Be brave!

    Logic is on your side.

  • Hyhybt

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I never said *all* such posts are legitimate. But it’s unreasonable to assume any one poster isn’t based solely on it being an unfamiliar name expressing a contrary opinion.

    Doesn’t make them right either, of course.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Hyhybt: Did you bother to read the other comments before posting?

  • Hyhybt

    Of course. And I gave you no reason to think otherwise.

  • SugNight

    OUSS – I just donated thru the paypal, so it’s for real.

  • dutchgayguy

    just from one gay guy to the other: hang in there Derrick!!! Wish i could contact you and tell you personally that everything will be fine. Wish you all the best and hope things will work out with your parent, it’s a shame how they respond, but they will change their mind in the end……impossible not to, with such a great son!!

  • Stacia

    I feel so sorry for this young man. My parents kicked me out just before college as well, and my life went completely haywire as a result. I hope he has a good network of friends as a support system during all this.

    No sympathy for parents who would deliberately and maliciously cut off their son’s care and support at this point in his life. I wish nothing but the worst for those 2 hateful, shallow people.

  • Arkano18

    Well, this is wonderful moment for him to start living his life.

    Humans are able to get on their feet and live a life without their parents, you know?

    Sad? Of course. But he will be able to get through this. And become stronger.

  • damendo

    Its unfortunate that his parents are reacting this way. My Dad did the same thing to me, and we did not speak for a long, long time. I still had my Mother, however my Dad was/is one of those old school Macho-Hispanic Texans that would have never approved of this. Up, until about a year ago. Now that he is 75 years old and knows he only has a few years left, he is trying to make amends for the “lost years” with his beloved son. Yes, I will speak to him, and love him cuz he is my father, however he lost out on alot of years, and that he will die with on his mind. I hope Derricks parents read this and realize! Good Luck Derrick!

  • Den

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  • Kengo Biddles

    @ Hyhybt & Terrwill – not all Mormons are anti-gay. As a gay mormon, I can tell you that there are many members of my church that are supportive and understanding. They don’t hate me – and my parents didn’t kick me out. It’s a shame that you’d so quickly dismiss us all as hyper-conservative quack jobs.

  • holly proms in a week it would be so scary if my parents kicked me out. This is utter bullshit, they are not parents if they cant accept him as he is.

  • Brentinpdx

    What pisses me off is the fact that all the right wing bullshit assholes say that being gay is a learned behavior. REALLY Asshole? Why would I want to choose to be gay and be persecuted by my parents and society?

  • Jorge


  • Gary

    @Jason: “we would like to give you some time away from home…” What kind of horrible double-talk is that? Aren’t they special? Just goes to prove that not everyone who can biologically have children should be allowed to have children.

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