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How Did HRC’s National Field Director Marty Rouse Mark the Passing of Fellow Activist Harry Wieder?

With this snub, posted to the Insiders/Out listserv: “Harry Wieder. I remember 3 things most of Harry, that have not been shared already (and I say this with affection): his awful body odor; his fondness for sexual innuendo; and his deep nasal voice. You could hear and smell Harry coming. And he always made me smile.” That was supposed to be an LOL, right? Retorts activist Michael Petrelis: “What a lousy way to show affection. Of all the things to say, at any time — never mind within a day of Harry’s accidental death, HRC’s Rouse not once, but twice mentions Harry’s smell. Marty Rouse may have an important job and make a lot of money — more than $170,000 a year — but he’ll never stand as tall or have the integrity of Harry Weider.” [earlier]

[photo: Rouse, with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, via]