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How Did Newark Police Mistake Murdered Post-Op Victoria White For A Man?

Victoria Carmen White, a 28-year-old post-op trans woman from Newark, died Sept. 11 from a gunshot at a relative’s apartment. Police, who are investigating the shooting as a homicide, then released a statement about Victoria’s murder — identifying her as James White, his birth name. ‘Cause that was an easy mistake to make? [via PHB]

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  • Samwise

    Oh yeah, that totally looks like a guy.


  • Kieran

    I believe the murder took place in a house in Maplewood NJ, a quiet, leafy suburb of crime-ridden Newark. What a terrible, tragic waste of a beautiful young life.

  • Tina


    This is not optional. This is an absolute requirement, and in accordance with APA stylebook format, use the pronoun that the person prefers.

    Her. She. Female. Woman.

  • Steve

    “his birth name”

    You mean HER birth name, right?

  • Yarnbob

    @Steve: I think he was pointing out the transmisogyny.

  • Joann Prinzivalli

    @Yarnbob: If that was the case, the “his” should have been in quotes – just as I’ve done here. Queerty should edit that last sentence to refer to the victim as her, as in “as James white, her birth name.”

    Anything less is offensive, demeaning, and disrespectful of Victoria’s memory.

  • gina

    More importantly, where has the LGBT online and print media as well as representative organizations been when it comes to this case and the subsequent coverage compared with, say, the situation with the young high school trans man who couldn’t be homecoming king? The usual formula… dead trans woman of color… not important. White queer people… big news.

    Btw, a few weeks ago there were two more trans women murdered in Puerto Rico. Silence. Two Turkish trans women attending a conference were attacked by a crowd in Malmo, Sweden. Silence.

  • Will the gay com bring down the Dems? So therefore make it even harder to pass anything? (John from England)



    Malmo, Sweden? Sheez, I have a few friends from there and its supposed to be so open..

  • ms.claudia hillman

    As a transsexual women I feel so sad that Victoria was murdered.I live in New Jersey and NJ is very prejudice and cruel to deepest sympathy to Victoria and her family and friends

  • Ledamay

    I knew her and know the details…
    I was told this THUG had a hard on for her, and when he found out she was post op he went a got a gun and shot her.

    His stiffy for her made him feel gay , so he shot her for it.

    TOTAL HATE CRIME! and they should be charged as such. FRY THEM!!

    Fucking HOMOPHOBES!!!

    Such a shame!

  • Shannon1981

    Her family should sue the cops for this. It is a disgusting insult to her memory. And the freak who shot her should be prosecuted for a hate crime.

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