How Do 2 Girls Have a Heterosexual Relationships With Each Other? Only On Showtime


If you have not been watching multiple personality dramedy The United States of Tara, you are missing out on Emmy-deserving performances from Toni Collette, who’s responsible for playing, like, seventeen characters on the same show. Among them is Buck, Tara’s cursing, beer-drinking male alter, who is badass despite having his boy parts blown off in the war (that’s how Buck explains inhabiting Tara’s female body). And when the second season hits next year, we’ll be treated to Buck’s first relationship, with Pammy (played by Joey Lauren Adams!), which just might be the most complex sexual twosome we could imagine: Biological woman with a male alternate personality who dates biological woman! It’s a straight relationship bundled into a lesbian pairing all at once. James Dobson is gonna lose it.

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