balls of pride

How Do We Get Pro-Gay Straight Guys to Come Out As Allies? Ball ‘Em

By pussywhipping them into declaring their support, that’s how. A clever new campaign called Balls Of Pride hopes to get girlfriends of (or single ladies hunting for) straight guys to help them come out of the closet as being pro-gay. Because, the project’s creators (advertising students Emil Tiismann, Matilda Kahl and Jacob Sempler) hypothesize, most breeder dudes are, in fact, on our side. They just don’t have reason to tell anyone or campaign for our equality. But by getting straight chicks to show them being pro-gay makes them more attractive? It’s win-win for everyone: We get more vocal supporters, and the guys get laid

How does Balls Of Pride work? Straight gals tag lads on Facebook with a pair of “balls” to indicate their gay-friendliness. That adds a virtual set of balls to the campaign’s widget, which will eventually become a real-life ball pit, with one pair in the pit for every guy who declared his LGBT alliance. For now, it looks like the project is just a prototype, but Tiisman says they’d love to get GLAAD involved.

Or, you know, screw that and just do it on your own, kids. Who needs Gay Inc. anymore? With a little bit of love, straight women and men will be playing with tens of thousands of balls by summer. And that doesn’t even count what’s going to happen inside that giant ball pit.