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How Do You Protest a Shirtless Bartender Ban?

Last weekend, “hundreds” of patrons, and many out-of-towners, of Maine’s Mainestreet bar protested the “health violation” of letting bartenders go shirtless by removing their own shirts. So it was just another Saturday night at a gay bar.

Maine’s Food Code Discriminates Against Bartenders With Hairy Chests, Pits, Backs
Since When Are Shirtless Bartenders Hazardous To Your Drinking Health?

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    While their hearts may be in the right place, printing up and then wearing T-Shirts to protest the “violation” of not wearing shirts kinda sorta defeats the puropse……. :-p

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    So where’s this photo of shirtless men???

  • Hilarious

    Would’ve made more sense to remove their pants and if that gets bitched about there are always short shorts and belly tees. Be creative people.

    In fact I’d say it’s way gayer and sexier to have a belly tee on anyway, and some tiny little short to go with them. Plus you can write what you’re protesting on the shirt.

    They get around the law, put their message out there, and make it so gay Susie Homemaker will have to run home and close her blinds.

    Less really is more.

  • jason

    Go out in the streets and protest about more pressing issues, you silly queens. The homophobic music industry, DADT, discrimination against gay men by straight nightclubs…these should all be far more concerning than whether you can be served by a shirtless bartender or not.

    Instead of being insular in your outlook, for fuck’s sake go out and protest about these more pressing issues.

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