How Does Your College Rank In The New LGBT-Friendly Campus Survey?

University of FloridaCampus Pride has released its annual LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index, a survey that gauges universities’ efforts to create a safe and inviting space for queer students and staff.

The good news is that out of 292 schools surveyed, 33 received an A grade (twice the number as last year). Vanderbilt University, Oberlin College, Amherst College, MIT and University of Pennsylvania were among the colleges that garnered five stars, the top rating Campus Pride gives in eight categories—policy inclusion, support and institutional commitment, academic life, student life, housing, campus safety, counseling and health services, and recruitment and retention efforts.

Of course, there’s something of an honor system in effect: Schools update their own Campus Climate Index by answering 50 self-assessment questions.  But many are straight up yes/no factual inquiries, including, “Does your campus have a LGBT alumni group within the existing alumni organization?”, “Does your campus include sexual orientation in public written statements about diversity and multiculturalism?,” “Does your campus offer health insurance coverage to employees’ same-sex partners?”

Among the schools not on the dean’s list were Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AK,  Iowa Central Community College and Virginia’s Lynchburg College, which all received one star.

Time to hit the books, guys.


Does your school’s ranking not match your experience? Share your experience in the comments!

Images via Campus Pride