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How Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Makes Filling a Prescription Cost $130 More for Gay Couples

Yes, having gay marriages denied recognition from the federal government is really annoying. And sure, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell means gay servicemembers have to keep their traps shut. But sometimes it’s the small shit that is the most infuriating: “Dominic Russoli retired in 2001 from an Air Force squadron that flies national leaders, and he is now a paralegal at the Justice Department. He had been in the military for 22 years, almost as long as he has been with his partner, Rolf Preisendorfer. … For Russoli and the man who will soon be his husband [as D.C. legalized gay marriage], the inability to share the full military benefits Russoli earned is something they’ve accepted for now. But it’s the tiniest of indignities that have stung the worst. To easily drive onto Andrews Air Force Base or to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda to pick up a prescription, Russoli needed to have his name on the car’s title. In Maryland, it’s a matter of filling out a form and paying a $50 fee if you’re married. Their solution: His partner sold the car to both of them after getting it inspected, and they had to pay more than $180.” [WaPo]