How ENDA Hurts Kids (And Helps the Traditional Values Coalition Instill Fear)

In February, the Traditional Values Coalition purchased the website ENDAHurtsKids.com. A month later, it launched. And it is a thing of beauty.

“Currently, 36 states do not make ‘gender identity’ into a protected minority under law,” reads the site, run by TVC executive director Andrea Lafferty. “But once Obama signs ENDA, this will change. Every state will be forced to make cross-dressers, drag queens, transsexuals, and she-males into protected classes. These states will be forbidden by law to reassign any cross-dressing teacher because this would be considered ‘discrimination.’ Thus, children will be trapped in classes taught by men who dress as women and students will be indoctrinated that it’s normal behavior.”

The site is obviously an attack on ENDA, but also Chai Feldblum, whose appointment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is being stalled in the Senate, who was a lead author on the legislation.

But whatever let’s a webmaster use stock photography of cute school children next to harrowing threats of doom is fine by us.s

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