The Advantages of Discrimination

How ENDA May Help Democrats

Gay and trans activists are up in arm over the recently deflated Employment Non-Discrimination Act. While this potential political alienation could cost Democrats gay votes. MSNBC’s Tom Curry, however, reminds readers that ditching the trannies may help win certain votes:

With the 2008 elections in sight, the transgender issue could give House Democrats in conservative-leaning districts something to vote against even as they vote for ENDA for gays and lesbians.

One Democratic freshman in a Republican-leaning district, Rep. Zack Space of Ohio, said he supports the idea of banning workplace discrimination based on sexual preference.

But legal protections for transgender people, he said, is a “more foreign” idea, and he is “not comfortable making a commitment on that.”

It would be great if some conservatives helped the Democrats, but would it be worth the price of exclusion?