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  • Sheldon

    I’m sorry but these kinds of shows bug me. Let’s put a bunch of stereotypes on TV, and then wonder why people still hold to stereotypes.

  • Jay P

    I’m really trying not to be negative about this show. Especially, cause you know if you hate on them it will just feed their ego by leading them to believe we’re all just jealous.

    Why can’t we have a show about sexy smart gays :\…a scientist, writer, a professor, a lawyer, and/or a doctor. Oh wait, I guess it’d be boring.

    I’m sure it’ll be an amusing show, hopefully theres some brown people on there who aren’t just trophy model boyfriends or the help (which I guess is essentially the same thing).

  • Dennis

    Where’s a good NYC tornado when you need one?…I’m wishing a “Fujita-scale 5” on this vapid bitch, ugh!

    I’m faaabulous, blah blah, I’m obsessed with spray tanning, blah blah. You know you’re one shady cunt when you make Snooki look like an articulate genius…

    Meanwhile, in the world that matters, honorable LGBT soldiers lost the DADT repeal today…and yet these queer fucktards continue to walk the face of the earth…life isn’t fair, it just isn’t fair.

  • Josh

    Intriguing, smart, sexy guys wouldn’t be interested in exposing their lives via a reality show. So we get these sorry excuses for entertainment.

  • Sug Night

    True enough, Josh, these are the dregs who agreed to sign the release form. Attention whores who believe any publicity is good publicity.

  • Qjersey

    While I don’t feel sorry for this obnoxious queens, unlike the “Housewives” our community is very small. So good luck with making the rounds at the gay bars and clubs after this show airs.

    Best thing about it is Logo’s new tagline.

    Housewives with balls.

  • Cam

    Saying you are fabulous because you are best friends with Lindsay Lohan is like saying you are sober because you hand out with Amy Winehouse.

    Not to sound too bitchy, but Lohan is a trashy girl that was raised by a trashy family in Long Island who happened to make some money and films a while ago and is now a drugged out mess.

    Mean girls was around 7 years ago.

    This guy is just sad, he reminds me of some stripper on a talk show that says she is classy because her latex skirt cost $500.00.


    Miss Thing needs to eat a burger, And he somehow must have missed the memo that if ya don’t have a great ass ya shouldn’t be showing it off. That ass is kinda flatbby………….

    However I do hate LOGO for putting this show on because you know most of us will in fact watch it if only to rip the cast to shreds……….. :p

  • ousslander

    Sheldon some people do act like Stereotypes in real life

    I used to like Sean scott williams until now.

    AS for not being welcoime in gay clubs and bars. Please, the people in the douchebaggery type spots he hangs in will probably cheer him on

  • pete

    OK, I watched that silly clip. And that’s the last time I’ll see anything related to this abominable show. I hate these people. I think if I was forced to watch any more, I would have to kill these people. These people are so trashy and they don’t know it. For some reason, this and every other reality show makes me fill with rage. I cannot watch them. They are meaningless. My blood pressure…..

  • Cam

    These people don’t seem to get that if you have to try to tell people how important you are…then you aren’t important.

    Actual important people wouldn’t go on a show like this.

  • Chitown Kev


    Thank you.

    A TRUE diva never has to state that he/she is a diva.

    Their presence tells you that.

    Anyone that goes about more or less proclaiming that they’re a diva ain’t a diva, they’re a DRAMA QUEEN.

  • Toby

    As weird as this may seem, I think he’s cuter with his clothes on…

  • Amnesia Sparkles

    I think Reality TV is meant to be laughed at, no? Well I hope so because, my “Reality TV” show comes out next month.

  • Matt

    Looks like they found the perfect face for the A(sshole)-List.

  • Hilarious

    Not defending these “A-list” famewhores at all, but the people who don’t brag about what they have are in the minority around the world.

    Not sure what world you’re living in where those who have don’t talk about it.

    Hell it’s what got the iPhone in so many pockets the day it came out. People love to show off and talk about themselves.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I don’t know if it’s because I come from a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean and my sheltered island brain is unaware of how life is like in a major US city but am I alone in not knowing how to take this as reality?

    What percentage of the gay community would you guess behaves like these gentlemen in NY and LA???

  • Cam

    My guess is that his credit report would send up a red flag any time it’s run.

    Oh, and if Lindsay Lohan considers him a friend and stays at his place, it’s obvious that he is her coke connection when she is in town. She’s an addict, addicts need drug friends.

  • ewe

    i did not watch the video and am not interested at all. I would like to suggest that thing take a few bites of something as a habit though. Skin and bones are not a turn on for me anymore.

  • Tom

    This show is funny. Nothing like a bunch of washed up queens trying to keep their names in the news longer. Derek is a fake tried washed up queen who things he is hot. Why don’t Logo put real gay people on tv and let America see how they live. Maybe then America will understand that gay people are normal and want the same things as straight people. This plastic stuck up queen just proves what straight people think of gay people. Get this washed up thing off tv.

  • OverIt

    This show is about low level queens that turn tricks to further their banal lives. None of these men are well off, or in high society gay social circles. They’re the bottom of the rung, and utilize this show to put down gays they feel they’re superior to. Just a bunch of insecure queens, gossiping about each other and trying to one-up each other over material possessions. Shows a lack of a decent education. Just because one went to school doesn’t mean they learned anything.

  • Zack

    Poor plastic Derek. Nothing like a fake washed up queen trying to live in the lime light a little longer. It is great watching Austin push his buttons. And Derek’s friend. Where did they get that ghetto trailer trash queen from? This show is a riot to watch. Maybe one day Logo will actually put a TV show on about real gay men and how they live normal every day lives instead of these poor barn yard fools.

  • PAUL

    Wow! So encouraging to see how many people are as appalled by this show as I am.
    These guys are all heading for a bitter, sad and lonely future. And it’s terribly hard to feel sorry for such immature and nasty queens.

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