How Foursquare Can Help You Avoid Ever Seeing Your Snobby Friends

You already know what kind of gays use Foursquare. Maybe you’re one of them? Great. While Foursquare is a bit more private than, say, Twitter, it’s still easy to find yourself with dozens of approved friends, with real-time access to your exact location, who you’d really not associate with but hey, remember that one time you met at a bar? Enter Avoidr, which lets you tag your friends as the “jerks,” “rats,” “snobs,” and “phonys” that they are, helping you avoid actual interaction with them by churning out a list of all the places these clowns have checked in — so you know to avoid them.

Now if only there was an Avoidr function for Grindr, you’d know where all your exes were cruising for new tricks — so you could show up at the same bar and ruin their game :)

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    Great news for stalkers everywhere!! Did ya know that if you have a cell phone powered on your general location is made available to anyone who has the proper software to track the signal. Now if you sign up for these services your exact location is now known.

    It took a while but 1984 is now fully functional……..

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