How Foursquare Can Help You Avoid Ever Seeing Your Snobby Friends

You already know what kind of gays use Foursquare. Maybe you’re one of them? Great. While Foursquare is a bit more private than, say, Twitter, it’s still easy to find yourself with dozens of approved friends, with real-time access to your exact location, who you’d really not associate with but hey, remember that one time you met at a bar? Enter Avoidr, which lets you tag your friends as the “jerks,” “rats,” “snobs,” and “phonys” that they are, helping you avoid actual interaction with them by churning out a list of all the places these clowns have checked in — so you know to avoid them.

Now if only there was an Avoidr function for Grindr, you’d know where all your exes were cruising for new tricks — so you could show up at the same bar and ruin their game 🙂